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November 2003
Volume 3 Number 11
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What's Inside Weed Wanderings this Month...


Featured Links

The Lunar Calendar



http://www.thelunapress.com/ THE '04 LUNAR CALENDAR: DEDICATED TO THE GODDESS IN HER MANY GUISES, 28th annual edition. This easily read, yet informative and scholarly calendar is perfect for both the beginner and the seasoned moon-lover. Featuring fresh work from 23 artists and poets, full astronomical and astrological data, complete instructions and an excellent bibliography. Each of the 13 lunations (lunar months) is depicted in an elliptical format showing all the moons phases, rise & set times, apogee & perigee, transits, void-of-course times, earth festivals and more. Printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks in the USA. Edited by Nancy FW Passmore. Cover by Joan S. Anderson.


Natural Magic...For Mother Earth & The Pagan Way
http://www.natural-magic.co.uk/ Natural Magic is a site dedicated to Mother Earth & The Pagan Way. Articles, herbal remedies, meeting place, Art Gallery, Moots/Events information and our online shop (hand-dipped candles, hand-blended herbal bath bags, oil blends, and loose incense, jewellery, pentacles, ritual items, tarot / soul cards and much more...) All are welcome.


http://www.takingthefearoutofcancer.com/ Taking The Fear Out Of Cancer is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization created specifically for people dealing with cancer. We are dedicated to cancering with a pro-active approach. Our goal is to take the fear out of a cancer diagnosis by providing cancer awareness and education to those who do not have cancer; offering cancer information and resources to those who do have cancer; and encouraging people to take an active role in their cancer experience. Through the publication of our newsletters, people are prepared for a cancer diagnosis, and not a death sentence.

Taking The Fear Out of Cancer


Antibiotic Alternatives To Preventing Mega Bacteria

http://www.antibiotic-alternatives.com/ Lena Sanchez's goal in life is educating and helping people learn about alternatives to the traditional medical world and less side effects. Her BIG DREAM is to help bring both traditional and alternative medicine closer together for healthier safer treatments. In her quest for better medical care she found that eight people are dying every minute caused from mega bacteria created by the abuse and overuse of traditional medications. She is now fighting the battle to help prevent as many deaths as possible. Help the fight, subscribe to “A Natural Environmental Health Facts ezine” health@antibiotic-alternatives.com?subject=SubANEHF-SS


The Arthritis & Glucosamine Information Centerhttp://www.glucosamine-arthritis.org/ Welcome to our Arthritis and Glucosamine Information Center, come on in and learn all about arthritis, glucosamine, chondroitin and so much more. At the Arthritis & Glucosamine Information Center you'll find hundreds of articles and information on arthritis and glucosamine, cutting edge research, details on arthritis medications and treatments, arthritis pain management techniques.


stop cancer before it startshttp://www.stopcancer.org/ The Breast Cancer Prevention Coalition (BCPC) is an Ontario-based women's organization launched in 1996. Our membership is a mix of breast cancer survivors, friends, and supporters from across the province who believe that human health is being harmed by toxic substances - including known and suspected carcinogens - in our homes, workplaces and the environment-at-large. We are a small but dedicated group of health advocates motivated by an ongoing commitment to primary cancer prevention, particularly prevention of breast cancer.



Earththunder bannerhttp://www.earththunder.com/ The Ancient Schools of Mysteries offer private individual healing, classes, retreats and global-community-re-inventing. The core of the Teachings begins Recovery of Indigenous Wisdom and how to integrate into today's choices. Starting with behavioral patterns.
Our philosophies are  LifeWork as,
L  ive in the present, save for the future, and learn from the past.
I  nvites doable processes in releasing the need for answers.
F  ostering many programs for all ages and beliefs.
E  nables Appreciation, as the first reaction.
W  ellness follows the healing of unfulfilling behaviors.
O  rganizing and crafting pro-biotic-education.
R  econciliation-Inclusion-Adventure cherishing all peoples.
K  inship as communication accepting yielding to choices, cycles and seasons.

You are seen and we honor the privilege of listening, we share the blanket of this Wild Universe as families!!! EarthThunder - WADO the talking stick is passed to you I am listening...

Scool of the Seasons bannerhttp://www.schooloftheseasons.com/ The School of the Seasons is open to anyone who is weary of the frantic pace of modern life, who wants to slow down, connect with the natural world, and live a life filled with heart and meaning. Each season has its own flavor, captured in the folklore of seasonal holidays, preserved in rituals and recipes, ceremonies and songs. We help you connect with the seasons through articles on seasonal crafts and recipes for holiday foods, a correspondence course and books on time management and the seasons. Our holiday calendar features moon lore, pagan rituals, saints days and seasonal world holidays.


Global Goddess bannerhttp://www.globalgoddess.org/ Global Goddess - Goddess women helping women worldwide. The mission of Global Goddess is to provide a spiritual organization for women to help women and their families, worldwide. Our goals and objectives are to:
- provide refuge to women who embrace a form of feminine spirituality and who honor Goddess as a guiding principle in their lives.
- provide opportunities for members to help support women’s rights worldwide.
- be committed to peace, teaching peaceful conflict resolution.
- provide communication possibilities for members through Internet and in person.
- provide self-empowerment opportunities for women and daughters everywhere.

small goddess drawing...emerging from a flowerhttp://www.menstruation.com.au/index.html Menstruation.com.au - Provides information, products, and an alternative viewpoint about menstruation so that you can feel great about being a woman every day of the month! Topics include menstrual health, irregularity, fertility, PMS, lunar cycles, charting, contraception, conception and much more. Unveil the mystery of your cycle and your body and learn how to live in harmony with yourself. Every woman bleeds and every woman is beautiful. Visit today.


2003 Menopause Resource Guide book

http://www.menopauseresourceguide.com/ The 2003 Online Resource Guide for Women Struggling with Menopause provides a one-stop shopping place for you to instantly access all the information you need to make changes to improve your daily life. This online resource guide allows you to easily access information by clicking from any title to the description of a website or book to gain further information. You also are able to directly access the websites from the Resource Guide to start discovering solutions to your personal menopause challenges.


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