Weed Wanderings Herbal Ezine with Susun Weed: Book Review
November 2003
Volume 3 Number 11
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Holistic skin is...in
by Dalia Santina, Ph.D.
What is natural beauty?

It is that mysterious, glamorous, indefinable or unexplainable magnetic quality to the way we look, feel, behave and communicate. This simply means to be human on all levels: physical, psychological and spiritual. In other words, natural beauty is feeling good all over, from within as well as from outside. It means having a clear mind, a sense of inner peace and a feeling of purpose, i.e., feeling good from within. It also means, having a beautiful face, shiny hair, flexible hands and body, movement, proper interaction and reaction, sharp senses and existence which all means feeling good on the outside. Having all of this is simply having natural beauty.

So, contrary to what some people believe, natural beauty is not only about applying ravishing red lipstick or a lovely dark-brown mascara; nor about showing smooth, tanned skin that is extremely desirable, but it is about all this and more.

Natural beauty is therefore about striking a balance between internal health (nurturing the body, the soul and the mind) and external beauty (preserving/beautifying the skin of the face and the body).

How should you care for your skin?

The same way you care about your precious positions: with all sincerity, gentle care and love. Taking care of the skin involves following these steps:

First: selecting the highest-quality skin care products and cosmetics that include different natural, fresh, pure and organic plants such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, extracts, oils, seed extracts, biological substances (such as marine elements), humectants, anti-aging nutrients, cellular substances, natural fragrances, etc.

We should realize that today cosmetic research takes full advantage of the latest scientific breakthroughs and the most advanced technologies. However, natural raw materials still play the leading role in ensuring top-quality products.

Second: maintaining the skin's integrity and function by following a regular skin care program that keeps the skin well nourished, hydrated, balanced and rejuvenated. Getting regular facials by professional skin care personnel will enhance home care and maintain the skin's radiance, youthfulness, resilience and optimum performance.

Third: protecting the skin from the harmful sunrays and from other environmental elements, is essential for achieving a state of naturally beautiful, holistic skin.
Keep in mind these rules:

Do not take your skin for granted, thinking it will continue looking and behaving the same. Instead, pamper it, gently clean it, tone it, moisturize it and always protect it from the sun and the harsh elements.

Use only the best, safest, most natural and most appropriate products for your skin type, skin condition and skin problems, if any.

Do not look for cheap products thinking you are saving yourself money, you will be losing much more in the long run- your beauty and your looks.

Do not abuse your skin with wrong food, wrong cosmetics or wrong lifestyle. Instead embrace it with clean environment and nourishing ingredients.

Follow the specific precautions, steps and instructions of each product, application or skin treatment to ensure lasting results.

What are the main steps that lead to holistic skin?
Beauty can not be achieved by following only one procedure, or by using one product or by applying certain cosmetics to one's face. Beauty is a process that needs to be adhered to and respected at all times and all seasons. There is no single procedure or one cream that can do everything for everyone.

Therefore, all the skin care treatments and all the money in the world cannot replace what you must do for your skin every day at your home, where skin care and holistic beauty really begins.

To achieve ultimate external beauty we must commit to a sound and proper skin care program. However, for this program to deliver wonderful results, it should be based on the following five main steps:

1. Cleaning: It involves keeping the skin clean, fresh and free of breakouts or blemish-causing bacteria.
2. Correction: It involves reversing or balancing the damaging effects of aging (chronological and photoaging). The use of high-quality, anti-aging preparations and treatments that dramatically improve the skin's appearance is emphasized.
3. Renewal: It involves providing the skin with beneficial and re-generative treatments that aim at epidermal peeling and cellular nourishment.
4. Protection: It involves following certain procedures that keep the skin protected from harmful external environmental elements (pollution, dirt, radiation, noise, accidents, other invading organisms, etc.).
5. Beautifying: It involves using cosmetics and makeup products that are made of high-quality, natural, botanical and safe ingredients to make the skin beautiful in an aesthetically appealing way.
Regular maintenance of the skin, through daily or periodical treatments, is imperative for the success of any skin care program. So, whether you are taking care of your eyes, lips, hair, hands, legs, face or whole body, the same steps apply. The type and condition of the skin, as well as any special needs, should be considered in the skin care program to guarantee satisfactory results.

What are the basics for healthy hair care?
Having beautiful, healthy hair is not impossible; all what you have to do is to keep in mind some of the basic principles of hair care.

For example:

Think of your scalp first. Do not forget that a healthy scalp is the basis for healthy hair.

Learn about the nature of your scalp and your hair with the help of a hair or a skin consultant.

At the time of any hair-care treatment, repeat the following three fundamental steps at least once a week:

1. Prepare the scalp.
2. Treat any specific conditions.
3. Cleanse the scalp and the hair properly.

Don't forget the massaging techniques for the scalp. Doing them for one minute a day is sufficient.

Brush hair daily; for example, before going to bed, to remove impurities such as dust and dead cells.

Remember that the appearance of your hair depends greatly on your general health. This means that leading a calm and sensible lifestyle that includes breathing plenty of fresh air and eating a healthy diet can benefit not only your whole body, but also the health of your hair.

Always seek the advice of a professional health practitioner in choosing your hair products. Also, try to avoid the use of harsh detergents and chemicals on your hair and choose, instead, "natural" hair products that keep the hair healthy and nourished without stripping it of its color or glossy shine. Such natural hair products are known to contain extracts of botanicals and herbs that offer the hair and the scalp high conditioning and protecting properties. They also restore life and luster to the hair as they protect the follicles from the harsh external elements.

Use the prescribed products regularly to benefit from their optimum effectiveness.

Do not give up on your hair, because there is always help.

Keep in mind that hair care starts from the inside out, internally through good nutrition, and externally by applying holistic hair-care treatments and by utilizing high-quality products.

Excerpts from the book “Holistic skin is...in
By: Dalia Santina, Ph.D.

About the author:
Dalia Santina, Ph.D., is a dedicated international author, licensed aesthetician, nutrition consultant, aromatherapist and iridologist. She earned her doctorate in Holistic Nutrition from the Clayton College of natural health, with an emphasis on natural healing therapies. In keeping with her major interests in nutrition/beauty research and education, Dr. Santina was awarded numerous training diplomas and certificates from leading American and European aesthetic schools and cosmetic companies. Her many years of experience in running her successful skin-care business "Dalia's Skin Club", led to the publication of her two books "Holistic skin is…IN" and "Super Supplements for skin, body & mind". Other books on related issues are to be published in the near future. Through her well-received seminars, Dr. Santina updates both, the public and professionals (skin/hair/nail) on the very latest in nutrition and aesthetics. Dr. Santina has been a welcome guest on KDOCTV. She has also been featured in some of the most prestigious skin care and fashion publications including Skin Inc., and Dermascope magazines. Dr. Dalia Santina is listed in Marquis Who’s Who for the year 2002.

Excerpt from Susun Weed's Healing Wise

Stinging Nettle Hair Tonic
Thickens hair texture, helps eliminate dandruff, aids in preventing hair
loss during chemotherapy and in restoring hair growth afterwards.
1/2 oz. dried nettle*
2 cups boiling water
1 Tbs. nettle root tincture
* leaf, stalk, and/or seed

Pour boiling water over nettle in jar, cover tightly and let sit overnight. Next morning, strain into a plastic bottle, and add tincture (optional). Keeps only a day or two. Use as a final rinse after shampoo and conditioner, leaving it in hair

Nettle Hair Lotion
Mild enough for everyday use.
To use: Pour a handful of nettle lotion on wet hair after shampooing.
Rub in well. For best results, don't rinse.
4 oz. fresh nettle or
1 oz. dried nettle
4 cups water
1/4 cup vinegar
3 drops rosemary or
3 drops lavender oil

Prepare infusion (see below) of nettle. Strain out plant material. Add oil and vinegar to infusion. Keep in refrigerator between uses.

Nettle Infusion: Place 1 oz. dried nettle into a quart/liter jar. Fill the jar to the top with boiling water, put the lid on and let it steep for at least four hours at room temperature.

Nettle Hair Rescue
To use: warm a teaspoon of oil and massage into scalp. Leave on overnight; wash out in the morning.
Finish with nettle hair lotion or tonic. Repeat weekly or as needed.
1 entire nettle plant:
leaves, stalks, seeds, root
2 cups oil (almond or olive)

Wash roots only of fresh harvested nettle. Snip entire plant into small pieces with scissors. Fill a jar with the pieces. Pour as much oil as possible into the nettle jar, poking and shaking to dislodge air bubbles. Steep in the closed jar for an entire moon cycle. Remove plant material.

Healing Wise by Susun Weed bookcoverThe 3 nettle recipes above are from Susun Weed's Healing Wise

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