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November 2003
Volume 3 Number 11
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Living Your Intuitive Dreams...
Healing and insightful wisdoms by sHEALy

Healing Energy to Enhance Your Life
by sHEALy

Recently a renewal of an old healing modality has made its way into the mainstream media and the lives of the public. People are learning to utilize energy therapy as a means of enhancing their lives. They are learning to sense energy, breath deeply, move their energy and practice a daily routine of intuitively knowing how their energy body is affecting their physical, emotional and spiritual body. While each client is unique, every client must become open to change in behavior, thought and attitude if a renewed and balanced energy body is to be formed.

The first sign of an unhealthy energy body is usually revealed by visually scanning the clients’ physical body. And posture, in addition, is a huge indicator of the vivaciousness of the physical body. Upon closer intuitive examination, a client who feels fatigued, anxious, saddened or ill often radiates an energy that can be detected by the human hand. While human subtle energy is usually warm and calm, when ill, it often takes on a feeling of muddiness, a thick and stagnant feeling. This mucky feeling is symptomatic of distraught attitudes, belief systems as well as unpleasant memories and illness. While this unhealthy energy first remains within the energy body, with time it begins to change the physical body causing a poor stance or washed-out appearance. As a professional intuitive, I have learned to see and guide my clients toward a process of healing that both uplifts as well as removes masses of stagnant energy from their body.

An experienced and intuitive energy therapist, while taking an inventory of the energy body, will usually move her hands over the body feeling for warmth or coldness, electrical sensations or static. Next, the therapist will warm the energy body with her own hands or other natural objects like herbs or crystals. And afterwards, the energy therapist will interpret, give advice and attempt to circulate the energy body to its natural flow. Once an energy session is complete and negative energy is cleared away from the body, the client should feel relaxed and refreshed and prepared to practice new behaviors that will lead to an enhance and healthier life.

When a client chooses to work with me, we arrange approximately four hands-on sessions beginning with at least one intuitive energy reading. During the intuitive reading, the client will be given an energy diagnoses, and a daily recovery plan is devised. A daily routine is helpful in creating a positive attitude combined with new and health provoking behaviors. Next, while experiencing hands-on energy treatments, the client will learn to independently tap into source energy and recognize his own body’s energy. Although it is difficult to scientifically prove the existence of the energy body, one case study suggests, there are spinning vortexes of energy created within the human body. As blood from the heart is pushed into the body it creates a whirlpool-like force. Skilled energy workers have discovered several locations within the body where this energy force is most noticeable and concentrated. As a trained intuitive, me eyes can often see wavy colors of mist-like energy floating, exhaling or spiraling from these energy vortexes. And by inspection of this energy, I attempt to determine a means toward spiritual and physical health. When I work with a client, I guide him to imagine this energy as it moves within and around his body. Next, I guide him to feel this energy with his physical hands. As he moves his hands around his own or another body, he can feel the presence of a variety of subtle energies.

Lastly in this learning process, I guide my clients to focus upon this energy as it exists at certain points of the body and attempt to move it toward other parts of his body. Once my client has leaned to sense and work with his own energy, I help him to recognize the characteristics of a healthy energy body.

Upon inspection of a healthy energy body, a calm yet strong energy should release from the base of the human spine. Warmth should expand into a space of approximately 24 inches around the body. This energy, appearing as maroon colored waves, should vibrate evenly around the entire base of the spine and slightly below, then running into the legs and out into the atmosphere around the body. Because energy functions more effectively when combined with an attitude of serenity and a physical sensation of relaxation, a relaxed physical body is better equipped to blend with the subtle energy body; naturally allowing energy to move through and around the body.

When a client’s physical body is not in a relaxed state, disease begins to grow in the energy body. Stress, tight muscles, anxious thoughts and illness trap subtle body energies forcing them to become stagnant in a static field of energy that exists approximately one to three inches from our physical body. This static field of energy is much like the static we feel when pant legs or skirt bottoms cling to our legs on a cold winter morning. In ancient times and now again in modern days many alternative practitioners have learned to "tune into" this static body of energy in the attempt of clearing away any unwanted debris. It seems that this specific energy carries elements of our past, present and even the future and contributes to the way a person emotionally feels. When one learns to recognize the signals of this energy, it is possible to work toward a continuation of relaxation and maintain emotional as well as physical health.

As part of a daily plan, most clients will learn to relax and listen to the static energy body. Using breathing as a means of creating a peaceful mind and a relaxed physical body, the client first will begin to tap into *Universal-source energy. Next, the client will begin to sense his own static-energy body. With intuitive insight, he will begin to recognize when his body is stiff, soar, tired or emotionally drained. Often these symptoms signal an energy body that is over taxed and in need of healing attention. Upon the occasion when the static energy body grows cold to the touch, the client will learn to meditate and pull energy upward, from his feet and toward his head. Often, as the static energy is directed toward the upper body, the energy will naturally begin to flow warming the solar plexus (stomach) and heart creating a feeling of serenity.

Another symptom often associated with the static energy body is a rapid heart beat, shallow breathing, head ache or general anxiety. It is devisable to focus upon level breaths while visualizing the energy body moving from the chest, head and neck into the area of the pelvis and lower spine. Clients who over tax their mental abilities often benefit when asked to focus attention upon lower extremities. As clients practice sensing and moving their own energy body, an occasional visit to a professional energy therapist is helpful in maintaining the proper circulation of all subtle energy bodies; approximately two to three times a year.

Circulating the energy body over and through the physical body allows the physical body to recondition itself; distributing itself in proper areas within and around the body. And, as a proper distribution of subtle energy is professionally maintained, the client can more easily uphold his own energy routine.

As an intuitive, I began intuitively reading the energy of individuals when I was quite young, and after much study and practice I found that each individual carries a secret book of emotions and intentions within the energy that floats outside and near his body. Thoughts and memories are often stored within his energy body contributing to quality of life. While emotions are natural reflections of life, they are also affected from the health of our energy body. Emotions, either light or heavy, vibrate just inches beyond the physical body. When emotions have become too heavy for the static body the entire energy body seems to slow down causing difficulties for the physical body.

There is a multitude of ways to heal the energy body as there are a variety of healing results that occur when the energy body is healed. Personal touch, heat from another healthy body, laughter, joy and interaction with natural objects can make a difference in the density of the energy body. Laughter can lighten and quicken the flow of static energy flowing around the body while human touch warms and smoothes the vibrations of this energy. And, crystals act like magnets attracting from the physical body a vortex of spiraling energy; leaving a client feeling clear and refreshed. In addition, energy healing often provides, along with a more enhanced attitude of well being, a greater sense of spiritual development.

Because energy therapy often includes a spiritual foundation, the client must choose a practitioner who is experienced and successful within her own life and business. When in her presence the client should experience a feeling of safety and trust. The first job of any energy therapist or intuitive is to help a client feel relaxed. And, all energy therapists should aide clients to listen to their own intuitive voice. A good energy therapist will help her client recognize and improve his own health while not becoming overly dependant upon a therapist’s talent. At the onset of energy work, the therapist should begin to share intuitive insights as she sweeps her hands over the energy body. And as the session comes to an end, a therapist will usually remind the client that healing comes from the presence of source energy. And source energy is free and natural and available to all who desire to “tune in” to its healing means.

There are many successful and highly skilled energy therapists available today. A renewal of intuitive energy and healing processes are reestablishing themselves within our communities. As a planet, earth is evolving and those living upon the planet are evolving too. And, numerous individuals are listening to their inner voice and following its guidance; we are learning to “tune in” to the vibrations of all energies. We are learning to heal our planet. So, the next time you meet an energy worker, know that you are in the presence an individual who is helping the human condition to become more “tuned in” to a natural and free form of healing and health. And, the lives of everyday people are being enhanced.

Eventually, with the knowledge of energy, more humans will develop amazing intuitive abilities; sensing and seeing aura and waves of energies vibrating within the atmosphere, discovering deeper connections with deeper spirituality and learning to experience joy in more effective ways. And, today, when you work with an energy therapist, you should sense from her a healing presence. Every healthy energy worker exudes a healthy glow from deep within her own physical body. This glow reflects the golden and rosy light of healing vibrations. Her hands should be warm with a gently tingle. And her facial feature should be soft and calming. In spite of her actual physical attractiveness, she should project an aura of beauty. And, although the aura of each energy worker will differ, your energy worker should facilitate all of the colors of the human energy body when working with a client. Watching her work, an intuitive eye should see a bath of rainbow colors flowing as she moves her hands over a physical body. And, when she shares healing information, her clients should feel love and serenity in her words.

As a professional intuitive and trained energy therapist, my expectations of energy therapy are complex. I expect to see positive changes in all of my clients. And, although each client grows at a unique speed, I am always hopeful that lives will be transformed quickly and with ease. I know that each person is a wealth of delicious and lively experiences and by accessing their natural healing energy, these experiences can be achieved.

In 2001 I wrote Living Your Intuitive Dreams in the hopes of helping others take a first step toward learning to change lives and create joy and health. And, since that time, I have worked with thousands of individuals, encouraging, guiding and nurturing their needs. I am happy to see so many of my clients and friends grow and make life a wonderful experience. Through this unique method of healing, energy therapy, lives can and do become enhanced. And, I am delighted to be a part of this movement.

If you desire to enhance your connection with source energy, begin practicing the following exercises.

1. Take time each day to sit in quiet without the disturbance of radio or television.
2. Focus your attention upon your breath as you quiet your mind.
3. Practice a relaxation technique where you relax each part of your body.
4. Attempt to maintain an erect posture while walking, standing or sitting.
5. Practice a positive form of thought; keep gratitude in your mind.
6. Attempt to listen to your physical body as it relates feelings to you.
7. Allow time for a minimum or six hours sleep each night.
8. Rest your physical body when it tells you it needs rest.
9. Move your physical body when it tells you it needs stimulation.
10. Trust your inner voice to express truth and wisdom.

*Universal Energy Source is the scientifically improvable flowing energy that creates and is all life.


Living Your Intuitive Dreams: A Self-Discovery Workbook
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You can have all of these things when you work through the exercises and record in the three journals available in this manuscript. Living Your Intuitive Dreams is filled with spirit guides, angels, magical incantations and best of all; instructions on how to perform a psychic reading for yourself and others.

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Intuitive Development
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You will learn what intuition really is and what it is not, how to be more intuitive by aligning with your natural abilities, how to perform an intuitive reading and how to continue your intuitive development.

This class is taught from a spiritually organic point of view-thus is not a class for the students who wants to be "told" why and who they are in this life. You will be given lessons and readings that promote spiritual growth that leads to the desire to be more intuitive and the ability to be more intuitive.

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