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HERBAL RESOURCES (more below) - The best in quality organic herbal products - herbs and natural body care for our love of this great earth - conducting business in an ethical and ecological way. Mountain Rose Herbs is women owned in Eugene, OR. - Handcraft herbal tinctures, vinegars, salves and oils of the highest quality, with a focus on fresh, local wildcrafted & organic plants. Red Moon Herbs Black Mt, NC. - Hancrafted highest quality wildcrafted and organic herbal extracts, vinegars and oils, all created as a labor of love. Catskill Mountain Herbals Olivebridge, NY - Silver Moon Herbals creates handcrafted, all natural, herbal health & wellness products such as tinctures, salves, flax seed pillows, made with organic and wild crafted herbs. - A City Herbal by Maida Silverman. The wild plants of the city are potent herbal medicines and nutritious wild edibles, as well as sources of comfort, fiber, and dyes. Learn to recognize and use 34 of them. - Common Herbs for Natural Health by Juliette de Bairacli Levy. Live herbs and seeds delivered worldwide. Articles and resources galore, this site is a must vist -- retail and wholesale orders welcome at Richters Herbs Goodwood, ON, Canada. Providing organic and natural products to our customers since 1976. bulk herbs for infusion and many other offerings found at Frontier Natural Products Coop, Norway, IA  Sister Lotus is a company run by belly dancing herbalists in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada. We make luscious body care products, give dance performances, teach classes on herbology & belly dance, & create personal health programmes for our clients.  A monthly PDF zine for children that contains stories, puzzles, mazes, crafts, recipes and much more to make learning about herbs a lot of fun. Our facilities include a teaching facility, ceremonial area, women's lodge site, and sweat lodge, with Long Pond access across the street. Sacred Earth is a private, grass-roots organization dedicated to exploring traditional plant knowledge & cosmologies. The Wisconsin Herbalist is a quarterly free e-magazine designed to network the herbies in Wisconsin and was the brainstorm of the Heart of the Valley Herb Society. Purple Sage is an information resource, maintained by a
Medical Herbalist, for anyone with an interest in medicinal herbs. A great place to start your herbal learning, particularly if you're in New Hampshire or New England. Visit the seasonally changing Virtual Herb Walk and Herbal Recipes pages, read articles and download class notes. Greenwood Herbals is a healing and natural apothecary, that provides consultation, teaching and herbal products. Monterey Bay Spice Company – Herb Garden Guide. We are a charitable organization dedicated to the health and vitality of the earth through the preservation and promotion of heritage seeds. Misty Meadows Herbal Center, Lee, NH. Since 1989. Retail/Education. Herbal Apprenticeship Program. Advanced Study. Practitioners. Specializing in Lyme Disease; treating all imbalances of body/mind/spirit. Open year round. The Herb Companion is a bimonthly, national lifestyle magazine that features the three essential ways you can use herbs in your day-to-day life: grow, cook and heal. Starwest Botanicals, Inc. is a supplier of premium botanicals, herbs and spices- over 550 varieties from all over the world. Herbal insights, inspirations, and love from Northern Vermont. I love stories. I love healing. I love blogging. When it was time to Experimence with Basil, the journal became virtual. Herbaloo’s account on learning Plant Spirit Medicine from the Earth, as her Apprentice. British herbalist Ali's site is a growing cornucopia of articles, materia medica, recipes and chatter to delight and educate about herbs and hearthcraft. Garden seeds, herbs seeds, survival seeds, survival seed banks, organic sprouting seeds, vegetable seeds and more! Visit Creekside Herbs website! A unique business in the U.P. of Michigan. Browse the beautiful pictures & you will instantly fall in love! We create and sell herbal skin care and aromatherapy products in addition to herbal teas, all of which have been inspired by the northern boreal forest.  Sustainably made organic or wildcrafted herbal products created by master herbalist Denise Joy. Herbal Medicine by Michael J McCammon. Herbal remedies for common ailments and custom made herbal remedies for individuals. The Greenhouse gardening guide - A list of links to greenhouse gardening information.


(more below)  Voice of Spirit is Geralyn St Joseph. This beautiful site showcases Geralyn’s many offerings. Check out her services at: Red Tent Day Retreats, lovely Devotional Items,Online Astrology Reports, Workshops, Classes, Aromatherapy, Intuitive Tarot and Astrology Readings in person or by phone. Inspired by an ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project brings healing and protection to the Earth. The book Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz explains why we ourselves planned before we were born to experience great challenges in life. Stories From the Yogic Heart is a powerfully-inspiring compilation of 27 stories about how yoga has radically transformed the lives of many. RealityShifters discusses principles behind synchronicity, coincidence, and answered wishes and prayers. Discover how your thoughts and feelings literally change the world. Welcome to Drum Song Sanctuary. Miriam Lieberman, LPC, Counselor and Shamanic Healer offers spiritually based therapy and ceremony for people of all ages and stages of healing. A spiritual site that seeks to know the Source and better manifest Spirit through psychic development, visionary art and inspirational writing. Enriching people's lives with peace & harmony, and natural beauty. An international spiritual talk show focusing on bridging the spiritual and the physical, the human and the divine, heaven and earth within each one and the Oneness in all Life. Oracle 20/20 Magazine, a metaphysical publication that is just a little ahead of it's time for readers who prefer to think "outside the box". TheWildGreenChagallianTarot.htm Earth-centric pagan fiction plus tarot/meditation cards by Penelope Cline/Nell Grey - Limited Editions, unique collectors copies and more! This site provides an investigation into the truth and mystery of life, the non dual nature of who you are, as 'life itself'. Articles, with pointers are included to assist your own discovery. The Direct Path, global healing, help offered to individuals and businesses covering everything. There is nothing that cannot be resolved.


GODDESS ART & ARTISTS (more below) Francene Hart - Visionary Art by internationally recognized artist and author of the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck and Sacred geometry Cards for the Visionary Path. Archetypal, symbolic and original pendant designs in silver described by wearers as talismans, amulets, totems and charms. Melissa Harris art celebrates woman's love of life, beauty, nature and magic.  Paintings, prints and gifts. Christina Camphausen is a Dutch artist who, since almost 20 years, has specialized in creating what she calls intimate portraits of women. is a cyber-temple for those interested in all things celestial & heavenly. Iasos is a Music Creator, specializing in celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional music. He is also one of the original founders of ”New Age" music. Featuring work of UK musician, artist and writer Carolyn Hillyer plus current information on her programme of workshops and events for women. AMI's sacred images - Please enjoy these images while seeing in each master, angel or deity a reflection of your own beauty and greatness. The online gallery of Kris Galli, an artist from the Berkshires who is known for her soulful and meditative paintings of women. Music by Marina Raye, the “Feminine Voice of the Native Flute”, much-loved for massage, meditation, yoga, and relaxation. Native-style flutes by Charlie Oakwind. Watercolor paintings depicting nature and executed with bold color and unique style to bring peace and beauty to your home environment. Earth Empress is a portal to the world of Nature-Inspired Blissful Health and Natural Beauty. Exploring the beauty of nature in fine art, illustrations and textiles.  Available for commission work. My desire is to paint Joyful, Beautiful paintings that people can hang on the wall to look at and live with each day, to give them Inspiration, Guidance, and Happiness. Serpentine Music and Media was established in 1992 to promote the music of Earth-based spirituality. What Living's All About: Jazz, Blues and Other Moist Situations by Alicia Bay Laurel. Beyond Living: Fingerpicked Ruminations on the Hereafter and Its Messengers by Alicia Bay Laurel. Art for our healing times honoring the divine feminine and Mystic art Paintings, graphics, photos  by Merina Rael.  magical dreamy art by psychic and internationally published artist and author Melissa Harris.


ALL ABOUT WOMEN (more below) Belili Productions is dedicated to making movies about subjects that celebrate the work of women and our relationship to this Earth. Diane Brandon, Integrative Intuitive Counselor, Host of “Naturally Vibrant Living,” Intuition Teacher, Corporate Consultant, Speaker, and Writer - Author of ‘Invisible Blueprints: Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment in Life’. Our Inner Lives honors women’s inner lives of faith, religious practice, spiritual transformation and commitment to causes greater than ourselves. Providing women everywhere with the financial education they need to become financially secure and independent and offering a wealth of resources to help you build a solid financial foundation. Wise-Women is an international community and network dedicated to supporting women who work as, or aspire to becoming, Web designers, developers, and programmers. Jillian Maas Backman is an award-winning radio personality and intuitive life coach. Her radio show IT’s For You, is live every Sunday morning, 9-10am (CST) on Features all sizes of REAL women modeling practical and fashionable clothing and accessories. Share your wisdom, discoveries, and more. Are you a creative & intelligent woman who wants more out of life, but has been too busy to connect with yourself and your passion?


WOMEN'S HEALTH & WELLBEING (more below)  Balanced Life Today - get healthy, fit and live a vibrant life without pain through nutrition, stress relief and more. Find your balance:, (360) 263-5800.  Blossoming Bellies Wholistic Birth Services supports new families in the Philadelphia area through the transformation of birth by encouraging informed decision-making, building confidence in the body and in birth, and creating a community for positive parenting. “There’s a river of birds in migration: A nation of women with wings.” An exploration of my migration into motherhood. The journey is just beginning. Natural Insight: A natural lifestyle blog: a resource for nurturing mind, body and spirit. Lady comp fertility monitor is the natural way for pregnancy planning or prevention. Lady Comp is the intelligent fertility computer - free of hormones and side-effects - that indicates the fertile window with 99.3% accuracy Learn about the Alexander Technique so you can feel better and move in a more relaxed way, the way nature intended. Dale Bellisfield RN, RH(AHG) incorporates her extensive training in both nursing and herbal medicine with therapeutic foods, herbal teas and tinctures, and lifestyle suggestions to tailor a health program unique to you. Mary Lee LaBay - Providing you with deep soul work leading to sustainable health and well-being. Articles, Books, CDs, DVDs available for personal development. Affordable, informative and fun classes for expectant parents taught by Patty Dougherty (the cervix whisperer), certified childbirth educator/doula/pre and postnatal fitness specialist. A fascinating site for women over 50: stories, humor, sharing...we’re interested in hearing about your world too. Email: for more details…it’s easy! Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem. Grandmothersspeak shares the mission of the Great Council of the Grandmothers. The Council has come to empower women and return the Earth to balance. A site for radical (going to the root) spiritual and shamanic feminism that views life from authentic female Dreaming. Practical, pleasurable ways to experience your belly as sacred, reclaiming the wisdom and power concentrated in your body's center. Excerpts from The Woman's Belly Book and more. Christine Kent teaches women how to correct their posture to be natural, and feminine to correct symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse, plus exercises to help reposition the organs. Dedicated to helping women understand their bodies & cycles and how herbs can be used to increase or decrease fertility and disrupt pregnancy in its earliest stages. Women to Women – changing women’s health – naturally. Find real answers to the health problems that concern you. The trusted leader in herbal care products for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and babies for over a generation. Center for the Childbearing Year offers DONA doula trainings, continuing education for birth professionals, and doula program development support. Kat Manaan's Middle Aged Woman Talking...for the woman who knows coming of age is eternal, personal, and political. Flower Power Mom, is a blog and online forum dedicated to women having children after 40, founded by writer and over-40 mom, Angel La Liberte. Vickers Tree Radio, hosted by Cynastry - Sundays at 11am Mountain Standard Time on Blogtalk Radio. Handmade luxury for every woman, every cycle. Beautiful handmade cloth pads. In this blog, we are trying to provide as much information on the topic of getting pregnant, and pregnancy as possible. Yoga postures and poses. Everything you need to know about yoga poses and postures, whether a beginner or an advanced student. Home Birth Aotearoa supports and celebrates home birth and provides birthing women and whanau with information about the home birth option. Mother Tree provides doula support for pregnancy, birth and postptartum women, classes on childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care, natural pain coping techniques and doula training.  A story of healing and transformation, Yoga Heals has global implications.  Disturbing, harsh at times, it’s also filled with hope and a clear vision of how peace manifests.   Become a CAPPA certified childbirth educator! Attend a training taught by veteran childbirth educator Julie Brill, CCCE and come away with inspiration and new information. Goodnighties women’s moisture wicking sleepwear helps you sleep better to control symptoms of menopause.  Made with a patented ionization process, is proven to help muscles rest, recover and restore.   Taproot Healing - Shiatsu, Herbs and Self Care Consults; Su Cousineau, ABT. Boston & Cambridge, MA.


LEARNING RESOURCES (more below) The Holistic Root aspires to enlighten and educate people on the many different paths to wellness. We promote a holistic view that teaches how to attain optimum health and happiness with natural remedies. Holistic Healing News is an online news source that provides current and valid information about holistic, integrative, inspirational, spiritual, anti-aging and green-centric methods and services. The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School is providing transformational education in astrology and astronomy that celebrates the magical link between the Earth and the Sky. A comprehensive gardening website with information on everything ranging from horticulture therapy to tips for weeding. This site is a great guide for gardeners of all ages, abilities and lifestyles. Receive powerful Tools for Transformation for your body, mind and spirit journey. Online training, energy sessions and workshops available. FREE articles, healing requests and e-newsletter. The Easy Organic Gardener Radio Show – Sundays 11.00am to Noon Central Time. Tune in to our show for expert advice on organic gardening and natural pest control with host Sheri Frey. A personal journey to wellness through chemical free living. Learn how chemical free living can have remarkable results in your overall health, spirit and balance in your life. At the Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy, we offer certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Energy Psychology. Located in San Diego, CA. The Community Connection's passion is to create a sense of community, assisting in expanding awareness with our informative articles that inspire and teach through life experience and the tools we encounter along the way. Facilitating an online botany class, continually updating a list of resources for further exploration of Ethnobotany, events and a picture/information catalog of plant families with related ethnobotanical information. Professional training in hypnosis, NLP, past life regression and techniques for transpersonal discovery. Articles, Books, CDs, DVDs, personal vision quest adventures, certification courses, CEUs for mental health counselors. A Magical World is a spiritual healing, teaching and development center located in South Florida and East Tennessee. We offer transformative energy healing sessions and intuitive counseling along with a variety of metaphysical workshops and classes. An English Aromatherapy company and Training School providing high quality essential oils and aromatherapy products and training courses for professional qualifications. provides yoga instruction resources for practitioners at all levels, and teaches sustainable garden systems to integrate yoga practice with family, community, and world. The Family of Light Healing Centre - An international mobile healing, channeling, yoga, eco tours and educational centre offering apprenticeships. Crystal Dragon College. Crystal healing courses - beginner to teacher. Unique crystal books, free information on crystal healing properties. Great prices on crystals. Single Mom Financial Aid, Scholarship Resources, Food and Housing Programs, Parenting Advice and more. All traditions, religions and pantheons are welcome at the Alignment Center. From meditations, healing circles and kirtans, to holistic and astrological seminars, the Center is the perfect "spiritual gym" for the seeker of Truth and Light. Visit this site for a comprehensive collection of over 260 links to women's studies at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Offering full service landscaping; organic fruit trees, veggie and herb plants; rain and compost barrels; workshops and seminars on organic gardening, soil remineralization, and more.   "Meet Your Earth-Self" will give your body the ability to match the magnetic resonance of Mother Earth, aligning you to the correct vibrational speed for the upcoming 2012 changes. Be the Change: Voices of Action is a call-in talk show about positive changes real people are making. B the Change airs on WVKR 91.3 FM on Wednesdays from 5-6 pm.


INTERESTING SITES (more below)  Discover how 'The Self-Esteem System™' can Dramatically Impact Your Life for the Better.  Having a healthy level of self-esteem is one of the most powerful life-forces available. Founded in 2002, ERGObaby is a worldwide leader in environmentally-conscious products for families.  ERGObaby is the best way to support your baby & your lifestyle.  Available at retailers worldwide. Peacelovetea is a peaceful blog about lifting others up, inspiring creativity and passion and of course sharing a mutual love for tea. Daily report of the activities the water messenger, Masaru Emoto and his team bringing shapes of love and gratitude to people in afflicted areas by the catastrophe in Tohoku and Kanto area of Japan. Harmony Farms natural food store. Raleigh’s only 100% organic produce store. Open Mon-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm. Huge wheat and gluten free product selection. Unique gifts inspired by nature, spirit and ancient cultures carved from bone, naturally shed deer and elk antlers, wood, and glass by Marion Leone WanagiWi. All Natural Body and Skin Care from The Super Salve Company. 100% natural skin care and body care products to rejuvenate the skin and keep it looking and feeling beautiful. At Journeys of the Spirit® you will find transformational spiritual journeys, co-ed & women-only retreats, photo, hiking & yoga retreats and more - to nourish the heart & soul! Experience powerful sacred sites along with distinctive itineraries. We are a charitable organization dedicated to the health and vitality of the earth through the preservation and promotion of heritage seeds. Catskill Native Nursery offers 600 species of perennials, herbs, ornamental and fruiting shrubs and trees, water lilies and wetland plants as well as unusual pottery and garden art. Flowers On Location brings emotionally uplifting floral programs to kids of ALL ages (4 - 104) and abilities. Working with flowers has been documented to improve emotional wellness, self-expression and self-esteem. I say,"Flowers are fresh, but they don't talk back :)" Your #1 destination for the highest quality, natural Himalayan Salt products for healthy living. Cleanse and detoxify your body and your environment today! Drums on Farms is a local charity/NGO in East Timor that reduces hunger in rural areas by giving farmers access to good methods for food storage. The Green Guide - with over 15,000 entries it’s the UK’s most diverse source of intelligence for anything organic, natural, fairly-traded and ethical. Absolutely Shabbalicious for all things 'shabbalicious'. Some of our main items are Pink Ribbon merchandise where 10% of sales go to support Breast Cancer Research. MooGoo is an Australian company that makes natural skin care products for people with skin or scalp problems such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. Our goal is to inspire 1 million Australian women to take practical action on climate change by cutting 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2). You don't have to be an expert on climate change. A forum for women to network, exchange job and business leads, form strategic alliances, mentor and teach, intern and learn the skills for success in the technical workplace and world. Naturally Equine combines premium ingredients such as herbs and essential oils to produce a high performance Natural Range of topical products for horses. 100% Beeswax Candles, Block Beeswax and Raw Honey. Handcrafted from the honey bees and naturalist beekeepers at Candle Bee Farm™. Article City – free articles for reprint.


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