A Healing Journey into Present Moment Awareness
by Michael Brown
Available at www.namastepublishing.com

Reviewed by Angela Hutchinson, Spirit-Works.net


THE PRESENCE PROCESS - A Healing Journey into Present Moment Awareness by Michael BrownI am so grateful and inspired with this gift from Spirit; I am not sure where to start. To begin my review I must thank Namaste Publishing and author Michael Brown for the opportunity to share The Presence Process with Spirit-Works readers and allowing me ample time to review this work in the most significant way I know how…to experience it.

I thought it might be helpful for the readers of this review to observe the changes the process can make. So I am offering my experience to you. I journaled the following on July 6, 2005:

I am just so restless with this garbage in my head. I am ready to dump it all and “just be”. I don’t know how to live without it. Every day that I can remember has had some kind of anxiety attached to it. Why do I need limitation? Why do I need any kind of conflict?

And just as Michael Brown states, when you ask, you receive. The very next day The Presence Process arrived in my mailbox for review.

The Presence Process is a comprehensive guide for individuals to transform the way they experience the world. It is not about changing your environment, though it will, it is about making an internal shift. The act of mindfulness and “being still” can lead to clarity and understanding which has the fundamental capacity to change the world one individual at a time. This book is unique in that the author brings the reader through each step completely and compassionately. No one is left behind, unless it is of your own choosing. I appreciated Mr. Brown’s explanations of behavior that might be experienced due to an innate resistance to change and his encouragement to continue the process. Before actively engaging in the process, the book does well to offer the information needed. He touches on aligning our intention with the process and what will be required from the individual including commitments of time and effort.

Mr. Brown addresses the basics of why there is drama in our lives and the emotional body charges we carry from one experience to the next. He goes on to reveal the seven year cycle of development beginning from 0-7 years of age, which is the emotional stage; 7-14 years of age is the mental stage; and 14-21 years of age is the physical stage. Most of our pain and negative emotional charges occur in the first 7 years of life. We proceed through life recycling through these initial pains over and over again. This is why we experience the same problems repeatedly. The author goes on to explain, “We are gradually neutralizing the negative impact it (past wound) has on the quality of our present moment awareness. Once this cycle is sufficiently dismantled, we will then find ourselves standing at the edge of our personal void: the place we have for so long avoided.” This process is not for the weak, it requires you to stare fear and pain in the face, ultimately rendering it powerless.

In the “Process”, we move from reacting to our environment and the people in our personal surroundings, to understanding that those around us are offering opportunities to heal. “They are the ones who loved us enough to take on the painful roles of reflecting our own hidden pain back to us so that we had the opportunity to see it, feel it, and integrate it.” The process takes us away from trying to fix the mirror and leads us to focus on the subject gazing in the mirror. This is life empowerment, rather the old victimization of the past.

The Presence Process consists of three activities:

-Being still or meditating 15 minutes each morning and evening.

-Repeating the Presence Activating Statements (1 per weekly session)

-Reading the corresponding sections of the book.

There are 10 weekly sessions. Please know that the author realizes not everyone will choose the experiential journey. Many may opt for simply reading the book. Each path is respected and absolutely acceptable. The belief is that nothing happens by mistake and you will be lead to experience The Presence Process as you are supposed to, if at all. This process is about an offering of wisdom pure and simple. You may accept it, you may not. You may be ready for it, you may not.

I have to say this process is the closest thing to magic that I know of. There is something substantial and significant here. I have been fortunate enough in my life to read many wonderful thoughts from many wonderful authors; this one is truly transformational if you are ready for it.

It works on an unconscious, conscious, and spiritual level. You experience the change and you aren’t sure why. Sometimes life is beyond words and understanding I suppose. As one proceeds through each step, the process becomes more and more sacred, because you are witnessing spirit in action. “It is the presence of our conscious attention and our compassionate intention that successfully neutralizes them” (emotional blockages).You can see that as you heal and neutralize your negative emotional charges, your life experiences change because your perception no longer carries the weight of your emotional burdens.

“A reliable indicator that we have entered present moment awareness is that our life experience, no matter how it may appear outwardly in any given moment, is infused inwardly with the resonance of deep gratitude.” There is a shift from getting to giving; from entitlement to gratitude; from pain to liberation. You do the work, you heal your wounds, and you live a transformed life. It is the ultimate practice in personal free will and responsibility. Once you begin, life begins to align with purpose and you experience what it is like to be “in the flow”.

I cannot possibly write enough or describe fully this process to you. If there is a book to read, it is this one. It is a guide on how to live consciously and stop reacting from unconscious wounds. It is personal liberation and personal acceptance. “In the end, our validation of ourselves has to be sufficient.” We no longer have to “do”, we can “be”. I asked for a way to “just be”, and I received a step by step guide illuminated with the wisdom to recognize it when I arrive. Thank you Great Spirit and thank you Mr. Brown…m cup is overflowing.

On a personal note, this process is not easy, but it is profound. I came to the end of the process with productive tools that I apply to my daily life. I am far from done…but now I am have a map and I feel I am headed in the right direction.

“In my heart, I know that all who consciously choose to read this book or to complete this procedure take a profound leap into their emotional abyss and consequently activate the experience of “raising themselves from the dead.” -Michael Brown


THE PRESENCE PROCESS - A Healing Journey into Present Moment Awareness by Michael Brown

A Healing Journey into Present Moment Awareness
by Michael Brown
Available at www.namastepublishing.com

Paperback- 370 pages
ISBN: 0-8253-0537-3
Price: $21.95 USD/ $24.95 CDN

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