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November 2003
Wise Woman Wisdom...
Medicine Bags by Nora Beeman
The Month of Harvest and Gathering
by Grandmother Waynonaha

Medicine Bags

Though I use the term medicine bags for what I make they are not traditional bags. They are loosely tied into the Native American tradition of medicine bags through design and materials used. My bags are probably considered more trendy and of a wild woman or witchy woman nature.

Medicine bags, as I have come to understand them, are deeply honored and sacred to their caretakers. There are several different types of medicine bags for different purposes.

Medicine bags are pouches or bundles of sacred objects that are tools for doing specific jobs.

Medicine bags are considered ‘living’ things and honored as such. Objects kept in the bag are often referred to as power objects and all are considered sacred. Medicine objects may also be kept in medicine bowls.

Generally speaking most medicine bags through out history contained a clear quartz crystal. This is a stone that most shamans feel is the most powerful to use. The quartz is usually referred to as ‘living rock’ because it has memory and can be programmed. Now a days you find quartz chips in radios, televisions, computers, watches among other things.

Other sacred objects kept in the bags range from stones, gems and minerals, herbs, teeth, claws, fur, feathers, corn, beans, squash seeds, (the Three Sisters; corn, beans and squash, represented abundance and a deep connection with Mother Earth) Objects that connected you with your personal totem were the ones that found their home within the medicine bag. (A totem is something you strongly identify with and you feel an undeniable kinship to).

Traditionally, personal medicine bags were worn around the neck (and out of sight) or on the belt close to the body.

Native Americans felt that by wearing the bags close to the body the sacred power of the bag was stronger, and that your personal power was enhanced.

Objects kept in the bag are often referred to as power objects and all are considered sacred and treated with respect.

This is a quote from Loren Cruden’s book ‘The Spirit Of Place’ that I think is quite fitting-

“The quest for spiritual foundation and direction stems from the natural desire of life to unfold in a purposeful manner within transformative manifestation. When consciousness awakens to purposefulness, there is awareness within participation”.

Nora Beeman

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The Month of Harvest and Gathering

The Gifts of our Mother Earth are honored at all times especially in the harvest and moon of plenty. . At this time of thanks giving and harvest let us all take a moment to consider the freedom we enjoy. As we pray for peace to come to all things let us share our bounty and abundance. The "Give A Way", is our way of sharing the prayer for peace and harmony. Look around you and if someone is in need share with them and help them by listening or just by being a friend. Small acts of kindness are not expensive but can change the thinking of many who are in need. No one in this land of plenty should be hungry or cold, if one of us is hungry, then we all are hungry. This is the way of thought that the people have had for centuries. The mind thought of one for all and all for one is still alive and well in the people, we do what we can to help each other in all ways. The greatest thing you can do is share with a neighbor it will be the first step in world peace.

The promise to our Mother the Earth...

Creator each day when I awake, help me to love and honor the Earth Mother for her many blessings that insure our survival.

Let my walk on this our Earth Mother, bring peace and harmony in all things that I do.

I will keep each day sacred too the Earth Mother and celebrate the turning of the seasons, with prayer and thanks giving.

I will not hold myself above other living things or drive them to extinction. I will protect them and respect them in all ways. Let my childrens children see the beauty and wonder that I see each day of my life.

I will give thanks for the food, the creatures, plants, and all living things that nourish me and my children, on this Earth walk. Never will I waste but share all that I have with my sisters and brothers.

I will educate my children in the ways of peace, for many people are a blessing on the Earth Mother when we live in harmony.

Let my hand reach back and help another in need or in pain for we all must walk strong.

I shall honor life and will not kill, or waste the Earth's riches upon weapons of war. Each day of my life I will pray for peace and healing.

I will not pursue profit at the Earth's expense but work to restore the damage done to her, by war and greed.

I will not support those governments or people who distroy life.I shall not hide from my self or others the truth of my actions upon the Earth, I shall be responsible for all things in my life, good or bad, and honor the lessons they bring.

I will not steal from the future seven generations by impoverishing or poisoning the Earth Mother. I will work for her waters to run clear and sweet, for her air to be pure, for my grand children, and great grand children for times yet to come.

I will take only that which I need in moderation, I will share the abundance I have been give with all who come. When we all enjoy the beauty and gifts on our Mother Earth, then will we all live in harmony and walk in peace.

Many Thanks and many heart felt blessings for all of my family and friends in this time of harvest.

Love Waynonaha and Lynn

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