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July 2003
Living Your Intuitive Dreams...
Healing and insightful wisdoms by sHEALy

Intuitive Healing is In-Tuned Healing

Our physical bodies are miraculous clusters of energy. Like the Universe itself, our healthy bodies contain every element; and each element communicates like-clockwork telling the other what to do, how to do it and when it should be done. When our bodies are in a state of perfect health, the clockwork-like system allows us to move effortlessly through our daily life. But, when the physical body is dis-eased, this perfect system tells us something is wrong. Even the most insensitive human being feels the presence of a head ache, a muscle pain, an infected throat and so on. Not much in-tuned thinking or knowing is necessary for these obvious dilemmas.

And even the smallest imperfections find their own way of telling the human body of their presence. Imagine for example a small wound on the top of your scalp. You wake up in the morning feeling well rested and happy. You climb out of bed, head into the bathroom and suddenly your hand finds its way to the top of your head in the exact spot of a newly born spot of pain. Perhaps the tiny pain is a pimple; bruise a cut or any other little unknown dilemma. Your miraculous body tunes into the feeling and finds the little spot of pain. How amazing! Your finger smoothes over the area and allows your brain to know what it feels. And, you are suddenly experiencing the perfection of in-tuned healing.

Your body has the ability to communicate its daily condition without thought, concentration or research. And because this process is intrinsic, you may not find it necessary to pay much attention, yet this process might be in the state of progression or deterioration. As you mature from a child into adulthood this natural intuitive method of communicating with the body develops and attunes itself to our life style. However, as the adult body matures into its third stage of life˜over fifty-five˜you must make some effort to pay closer attention to the signals sent from the body. With age, the body loses its ability to perfectly correspond with the in-tuned mind. Although the body is often experiencing more aches and pains than ever before, the body begins to lose the ability to feel, hear, smell and more. You can however, maintain the health of your body when you strive toward intuitive health.

Begin today and you can live in "in tuned" health. One can become and remain in-tuned with the body by developing intuitive awareness. Through intuition, we can practice our individual awareness and at any give time enhance our own healing and intuitive abilities. Right now, life and the most healing of energies are seeping into every cell of our body. We can simply decide to ask and be free from disease. First, one must begin to breathe with intention. A healer must practice focused breath. Focused breath helps the body to focus upon its own process enhancing intuitive information and responses.

Spend a few moments each day listening to your breath. Then, spend a few moments breathing deeper into your lungs. Next hold your breath to the count of four after each inhalation before you release.

Secondly, one must learn to quiet the mind. A healer will quiet her mind, push aside clutter and "junk thinking" to hear the silence of "source energy". Source energy is that wonderful energy that flows through our Universe; in fact it is our Universe. As we quiet our minds we are better able to experience the piece of gratitude, love and the wonder of the life we are living. And, as we experience gratitude and love, we immediately are in the state of healing. We are in the state of knowing our true selves, spiritually, intuitively and physically.

Spend a few moments before sleeping each night listening to your thoughts. Allow them to freely flow though your mind. Then tell yourself "this is my time to relax". You do not have to push aside thoughts. Instead, focus on one particular thought. Choose a thought allowing you to feel gratitude. Once you have decided upon a thought focus. You will have to bring your mind back to this thought at first. After practice this exercise will become easier and invading thoughts will remain at a distance.

As we practice intuitively knowing ourselves we practice knowing the energy from which we are created. The result of this knowing is enlightenment. We become free-thinking knowing that we are an intricate part of the Universe. We are made up of the same "vibrating energy" that creates the Universe.

Lastly, as the mind learns to quiet itself and becomes more intrinsically aware of itself, take a moment each day to check in with your physical body. Have a regular place and time to practice this method of scanning the body.

1. Lay flat on your back.
2. Breathe with intention.
3. Focus your mind on the peaceful Universe.
4. Relax your body beginning with your feet and ending at the top of your head
5. Rest quietly

After completing the body scan your intuition begin to speak to you through dreams, hunches, physical feelings and more. You will find that your body will begin to tell you what it needs. You may find your body begin to crave certain foods, more or less rest, exercise or human touch. Learn to listen to your body. Practice being good to your physical body. And your body will remain healthy for a long time.


Living Your Intuitive Dreams: A Self-Discovery Workbook
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Intuitive Development
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This class is taught from a spiritually organic point of view-thus is not a class for the students who wants to be "told" why and who they are in this life. You will be given lessons and readings that promote spiritual growth that leads to the desire to be more intuitive and the ability to be more intuitive.

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