May 2011
Volume 11 Number 5
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Wisdom Keeper...
The Wild Power of Menopause

by Roslyne Sophia Breillat

The Wild Power of Menopause
 © Roslyne Sophia Breillat

mentor at the Wise Woman University

Plus introducing Sophie’s new book “Womb of Wisdom”





Western civilisation does not honour, acknowledge or believe in the sacred power of a woman’s inner mystery or her innate need for intimate communion with the cyclic ebbing and flowing of her feminine psyche. In a world that has lost touch with the blessed truth of ancient female mysteries, our busy outer directed society has also lost touch with the simple honouring of all that is sacred upon this earth.

For this world knows nothing of the sacredness of menstruation, the sacredness of birthing, the sacredness of lovemaking. And it knows nothing of the sacredness of menopause or of the power and wisdom that this important pilgrimage bestows when a woman plummets into the depths of its fiery realm of transformation.

As priestess and wise woman, the female elder traditionally has a natural place upon this earth. For she is the custodian of the gentle and mysterious powers of the night, the custodian of sacred loving, the custodian of the earth’s bountiful secrets. And yet, in a world that corrupts and pollutes and destroys, it is difficult for her to find her true place and to live from this inner place as a woman of wisdom and power.

When a woman enters the inner realm of the Dark Goddess, the Crone, the Ancient One, she merges with the divine spirit of menopause as she enters the infinite vastness of her womb cave of transformation. And, if she is willing and open, in the profound depths of this deep, dark inner place, she fully welcomes and embraces her sacred initiation into wisdom and power. This initiation takes place in the innermost circle of the labyrinth, where all that has gone before has meaning and has purpose as it is dissolved within her menopausal cauldron of fire.

Many women in western society fear this cyclic flow of powerful change, for they have been conditioned to think and believe and live from the intellectuality of the mind, and not from the surrendered openness of the heart and from the divine sacredness of the womb.

This dark and mystical and mysterious time of Change can call a woman so powerfully, so deeply into her heart of hearts and into the awesome power of menopause. And this calling invites her to relinquish, to surrender, to let go, to become at ease with and inspired by and infused with the radically defining finality of endings and the deliciously sensuous opening of new beginnings.

During this letting go phase of menopause, the wise wild spirit of the Crone invokes the release of emotional attachments to past love affairs that linger when lovers are long since gone, of clothing that no longer flatters or enhances or beautifies, of possessions that once reflected peace but are now tarnished with the dust-filled accumulation of too much past. She destroys the familiar need for all relationships, careers, friends, places, food and fashions that no longer bestow pleasure, treasure, nurturance and joy, for her sacred task right now is to lovingly yet ruthlessly discard all that is no longer relevant, useful, uplifting or purposeful in her life. And this letting go phase of menopause is a profound inner purification that contains no judgement, no criticism, no shame, no blame, for it is as natural as the serpent shedding its skin, the caterpillar shedding its cocoon, the moon shedding her fullness as she transforms within the velvet darkness of the night sky.

This ancient Dark Moon Goddess is most potent whenever a woman stands upon the threshold of her menopausal journey, for she is most dear to her at this time. The unreal image of the modern woman is created by distorted worldly ideas of sexual attractiveness that repress her innate wisdom, intuition, sensuality and power. Her body is commonly treated as an object for sexual gratification and greed or a vessel for conveniently bearing children. Rarely is her body fully perceived, seen or loved as the sacred temple of the female essence or as the pure and sensual reflection of her glory or her power.

Like the earth, her primal wildness is seen as too threatening, too difficult to deal with and very much in need of structure, of suppression, of control. And like a wild animal that has been contained and tamed and fenced in and domesticated for far too long, she yearns to become reunited with her true nature, with the sacredness of the earth, with the lunar essence within her womb.

And this wild and primal energy of menopause offers her all of this and more, if she listens, if she heeds, if she opens, if she surrenders to these wise messages of the deep. It is now time for the torn and faded and broken and unravelled threads to become mended, to become whole. It is now time for these threads to richly glow with the vibrant colours of transformation. And it is now time for these threads to become rewoven into the rich tapestry that powerfully and lovingly links mothers and daughters and grandmothers and great grandmothers through the sacred menopausal initiation of power, of wisdom, of truth.


Sophia is a wise woman who lives, writes, and paints from the heart. Her prolific articles and paintings embrace the wisdom and grace of the female essence and the beauty of the earth. She is acknowledged as a powerful and honest writer whose creative work features throughout many international websites and magazines. Her website is an abundant offering of female wisdom that nurtures and inspires.



Sophia is available for wildheartwisdom mentoring and counselling consultations via telephone or skype.

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Introducing Sophie’s new book “Womb of Wisdom”


The Sacred Journey of Menopause

written & illustrated by






   This richly illustrated book is an invitation for woman to drink deeply from her inner well of wisdom throughout and beyond her menopausal journey. Its potent words and images encourage her to transform culturally imposed ignorance of the sacred feminine as they welcome her into the heart-centred, womb-centred, earth-centred mystery of the wild, wise woman.


Sophia is internationally acknowledged as a powerful, honest and courageous writer whose creative work features in many websites and magazines. Through writing, art and mentoring she encourages women to welcome, live and be the sacredness and truth of their feminine nature. The vibrant colours and potent symbols of her art and the perceptive insights of her writing are a calling to deeply embrace the infinite vastness of the feminine essence and to reawaken the ancient female mysteries and their innate affinity with the natural wisdom of the earth. As an experienced adult education tutor she has facilitated creative art and design workshops within several indigenous communities, especially the Bundjalung of coastal northern N.S.W.



The sweet heart-space of menopause metamorphosis emerges here in soothing, rousing, precious, penetrating words and images. We all need wise guides as we traverse our passage to power. I call them butterflies, those women who so confidently and serenely fly ahead of me, urging me to take another step, and another, into my own truth and wisdom. This book is a butterfly made of wise words and exquisite drawings. It is strong enough to carry you, bright enough to light your way, and powerful enough to push you to our edges, if you dare to take it to your breast, if you allow it to touch you deeply.


Susun Weed...U.S.A.   Author, New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way



Your book is enchanting, and I am using the word in its truest sense. I am devouring it with relish and rapture. You are magical in the way you bring Shamanistic wisdom to the subject of menopause, giving its rightful place in the cosmology of the feminine, and giving us, as menopausal women, the insight and good judgement to experience it with pride and power. It is also so beautifully illustrated ~ your drawings are both charming and strong, bringing again, that quality of elemental knowledge. I feel so privileged to be reading it!


Sky Innes... Australia...   Author, Love’s Alchemy



Menopause is Nature's opportunity to reach deep within and give our wise essence to the world, and this is clearly reflected in Sophia's deep understanding of this powerful and sacred rite of passage. The way of women could be transformed with these potent messages. I'm a great fan of her deeply inspiring and soul-felt calling to this most magical of realms: the feminine. This work shows that we go on being wise, powerful, sacred and creative long after the childbearing years.


Veronika Robinson... U.K.   Editor,The Mother magazine







Online Courses with Roslyne Sophia Breillat
~ Beginning the Journey of Menopause

Are you ready to awaken more deeply to your female power and intuitive wisdom through fully embracing the profound transformation of menopause? This course offers gentle encouragement and loving wisdom for the woman who is beginning or approaching her menopausal journey.

Through welcoming the first signs of inner change that stir her wise whisperings we will explore how to consciously embrace the sacred mystery of this natural transformation. And through honouring the grace and strength of the menopausal woman we will celebrate her awakening power. 

Welcome to “DAWNING OF WISDOM ~ Beginning the Journey of Menopause”… This is the first of a series of courses with Sophia that consciously embrace the deeper spiritual purpose of menopause. Through focusing upon the initial dawning of the menopausal call to wisdom we will explore the mysteries, joys and fears of this profound change. We are living in a society that dishonours, denies and ignores the sacred beauty, integrity and purpose of the wise woman elder.

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BEING WOMAN - She of the Earth…

This course provides a sacred and nurturing space where woman can learn to surrender more deeply to the natural receptivity of the female psyche. Throughout this series of lessons she will learn to trust the innate flow of her intuitive nature and to listen more intimately to the wellspring of her inner source. And we will explore together how to live more fully as the embodiment of the feminine essence within the structures of a masculine civilisation.

This course is a series of lessons that honour the fluid nature of the female psyche. Woman has forgotten who she is and the world has forgotten who she is. Her female truth has become clouded and polluted like her beloved Mother Earth. She has imbibed so much maleness that she has lost confidence in the sweet mystery of her receptive nature. She has become angry, forceful and self-doubtful because she is not seen, heard or loved as the creative power of the feminine spirit. It is time for her to stop sleeping. It is time for her to awaken from the dream of unreality that diminishes her true power. It is time for her to become who she really is, in the deep, in her mystery, in her sacredness. 

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About the Mentor: 
Sophia (Roslyne Sophia Breillat) is a woman who lives, writes and paints from the heart. The inner richness and profound healing of her life experiences are inspiration for her flowing creativity. Her articles and art embrace the beauty, power and sensuality of the feminine essence and celebrate the natural flow of woman’s transformational cycles. Her website offers a sacred space for woman to dive into the deep, to open to her true nature, to be who she really is.

Sophia’s training and experience includes primal therapist, intuitive massage, reconnective healing, writing, art, illustration, design, astrological counselling, instructional skills, training program design and teaching within the Aboriginal community. She has also facilitated many creative workshops and courses. 

Sophia’s writing and art is featured extensively on international websites and her articles and illustrations have been published in many national and international magazines. She is acknowledged as a sensitive and honest writer with deep perceptions and penetrative insight. She is currently creating a series of books that honour the power and wisdom of the feminine spirit.

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