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July 2005
Volume 5 Number 7
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Your Intuitive Dreams ...
The Color Orange
by sHEALy (Sherry Healy)

Author of Living Your Intuitive Dreams

The Color Orange
by sHEALy

Deep within the fertility center of every woman, the color orange resides. A burning flame of heat, passion and warm intentions pulsates, the fertility chakra. Here, where our ovaries are located, we find our ability to birth new ideas and projects. Energy is stored below our naval. It acts like a filled gas tank.

When this chakra is open and working with the rest of the body, we feel energized and healthy. This chakra allows us to get into action and make our world that which we want it to be. When we focus our intentions at the area located below our naval, we can feel the fullness of this energy. We can attaché our intentions to this energy and begin to work for our dreams.

This part of the physical body is most often the strongest. We need this strength to stand erect. We need the strength of our lower back and torso to hold our bodies erect when we are tired or when we are sitting at attention. When our lower torso is weak it allows our entire physical body to become out of alignment.

Concentrating upon the lower physical torso with strengthening intentions is a first step toward developing healthy energy. When this portion of the body is physically healthy a healthy chakra can exist as well. Too often we think of the chakra as only an intangible energy. While the energy of the chakra is not a physical one, it does have the ability to affect the actual physical body. In turn, the actual physical body in the same manner can affect the chakra energy.

Physical exercise is necessary for many reasons. The second chakra however is most affected by physical exercise. Strengthen the body and the second chakra begins to glow in a bright orange color. This energy vibrates out from the physical body and upward toward the other organs and chakras.

Pregnant Earth Art by Barbara GetrostLike a muscle, when one is strengthened, the others align and begin to work more effectively; the chakras are the same. Work to energize one and the energy aligns and moves more effectively throughout the entire body. This second chakra is a most important one. Begin your focus just above the first energy center located at the base of the spin. Allow your attention to move upward approximately six inches.

Then begin to focus your thoughts and attention on this spot. Breathe inward and relax this area of the body. As you grow more connected with this area, be aware that the energy of fertility and inspiration lives here. Then, practice a simple exercise to strengthen this physical area.

Small crunches are an excellent and easy exercise for those who are physically able to perform exercise. Ask your doctor or a trained exercise coach to suggest a few tummy toning exercises. Then practice. As you build these muscles your attitude will grow stronger and you will emotionally feel good. Expect fast changes. This area of the body is most agreeable to your wants. Remember that you are working to simply develop strength and better health. As your work to see these results your second chakra and the color orange will be growing strong.

Orange Exercises for the Lower Back and Tummy

1. Lie flat on your stomach
2. Rest your body on the floor and breathe inward through your nose
3. Breathe out of your mouth until you feel relaxed
4. Allow arms to lie flat at sides of body
5. Crunch your stomach muscles and hold for one minute
6. Relax and then repeat
7. Lie flat on your back
8. Bend arms and place hands at side of neck
9. Bend kneed and move your feet toward your bottom
10. Lift your upper torso two inches off the floor without putting stress on your neck
11. Relax and then repeat
12. Lie flat on your stomach
13. Rest your body on the floor and breathe inward through your nose
14. Place arms outward and above your head
15. Life your upper torso off the ground approximately two inches
16. Breathe out from your mouth

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