August 2011
Volume 11 Number 8
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If you can’t get to the Wise Woman Center to participate in the great learning opportunities, workshops and exchange weekends, perhaps Susun is coming to a town near you! Here is Susun’s upcoming planned away schedule:


September 24-25 Garlic Festival in Saugerties, NY (not teaching)


the Art of Annett E. Bank

Visionary Artist - Francene Hart

Reverence for the natural environment, and experience of the interconnectedness between all things has guided me to create paintings of beauty and spirit. These paintings act as a bridge between this reality and a metaphorical world of healing, continuity, and transformation. I use multiple transparent watercolor glazes coupled with image overlapping techniques, and Sacred Geometry to produce visions of a multi-dimensional reality. It is my intention to create art that embodies the vibration of Universal Love and expresses the joy and gratitude I feel for the honor of being part of this earthwalk.


What’s happening this Summer at the Wise Woman Center?


September 3-5:  Labor Day Work-exchange Weekend
September 13:  Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship, Autumn Group Begins
September 16:  Moonlodge
September 17:  Magical Plants
September 18:  A Day Devoted to Trees


For more information and to book for any of these events visit:  Blue Turtle Botanicals from herbalist and wild woman Darcey Blue offers organic and wildcrafted herbal products, herbal and nutritional consultations and coaching, private herbal mentorships, classes and sacred plant medicine experiences.   It is her deep love of the wild Earth and its creatures that fuels her passion for healing and sharing plants, wilder-ness, spirit, nourishment and the sacred connection to the Earth.  She is inspired by how our relationship with the land, nature and wilderness impacts our physical and spiritual health and well-being and knows that one cannot separate the health of the people from the health of the land on which they live, nor the well-being of the body from that of the mind & spirit in connection with the wild Earth.
  ApotheCaring, nature at its best!  Come back to our roots of healing with nature! As nature’s gifts bloom along the highways and byways, we need foremost to learn how to respect them so they can continue to heal us. Listen to them, become one with the plant, opening your mind to learning and healing. This website will share the research of the owner and offer recipes as well as finished product to the visitor. We are starting with yummy nurturing teas. Follow us as we begin our internet/website journey and watch us grow.  Geralyn St Joseph is the Voice of Spirit. If you need guidance in your relationships, as a parent, friend or lover, she can help you find your way. What is God’s plan for you? Geralyn St. Joseph is a psychic intuitive who helps people reconnect with Spirit. All the services offered are geared toward helping you achieve a greater awareness of your place in the world and your effect upon it.  Services include Spiritual Guidance, Couple’s Guidance, Parent Coaching, Intuitive Business Consulting, Psychic Readings, Motivational Speaking and instruction for better communication in all relationships.   Please accept a gift of my eBook, The 5 L’s of Parenting.  Enjoy your life In Joy! Blessings, Geralyn.


http:/ /
  Sister Lotus was lovingly created by Angie “Oriana” Jenkins in 2009 & has grown to include 5 Belly Dancing Herbalists who live in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada! Our mission is to promote self-love & self-care through the use of our natural body care products & other services. We want to encourage you to treat your body as your temple. We make everything from salt scrubs to medicinal salves.  We also offer belly dance & herbology classes, performances, as well as health consultations.  Herbal Roots zine is a monthly PDF zine for children that contains stories, puzzles, mazes, crafts, recipes and much more to make learning about herbs a lot of fun.  Want a herbal course that is easy to understand and has the ability to teach children about herbs? Want a herbal course that is designed to raise the interest level of children and adults through hands-on learning and repetition? Look no further!  All have found Herbal Roots zine a valuable learning resource for a subject that does not have many opportunities available for children: herbal healing.  For more information, go to:

Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year Check out Susun Weed’s new site dedicated to her book Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, now in its 24th printing. Read reviews, excerpts and articles. This book has helped three generations of women conceive, carry and give birth naturally. Chapters cover herbal fertility agents and herbs for birth control; safe, simple home remedies for the common complaints of pregnancy; alternative medicines for complications of labor and delivery; and effective remedies for the distresses of newborns and new moms. Complete instructions make using this book easy and fun.

Online Course with Susun Weed
Menopausal Allies
( Link to detailed description of: Menopausal Allies )

Mentor: Susun Weed

This course will look at menopause as puberty prime, as a metamorphosis, and as the springboard for the last fifty years of our lives. You will mine gems of wisdom from how you dealt with your first puberty, recast your problems as allies during menopausal withdrawal, meltdown, and emergence, and learn how to use herbal allies to create yourself as wise old crone – juicy, vital, vibrant, strong-boned, hale-hearted, and gleeful. You will look at the facts behind some of the prevalent myths of and learn which herbal allies are better choices. You will learn about herbal allies for menopause: herbs for dealing with fertility, mood and emotion, sex, hot flashes, sleepless nights, lack of libido, and your own personal problems. I invite you to join our circle, a menopausal moon lodge, as it were, of women honoring themselves and reweaving the healing cloak of the Ancients.

Susun Weed - audio welcomeMP3 File

This Open registration - eight week online course, include three prerecorded teleseminars, pdf lessons and assignments, and personal mentorship from Susun Weed at WWU classroom forum.

find out more about Menopausal Allies

Green Goddess Apprentice Week - with Susun Weed
( Link to detailed description of: Green Goddess Apprentice Week )

August 1-7, 2011 - This is a serious apprenticeship, not a workshop. Not only is the pace powerful and relentless, but we will be encountering and processing deep emotions as a result of our shamanic work together.
There are at least eight hours of instruction a day, plus projects and assignments to complete on your own outside of class time, plus special events throughout the week. We take your commitment to participate in this event very seriously and hope that you do too. Therefore, there are no refunds of any kind, for any reason. We look forward to your visit.

find out more about Green Goddess Apprentice Week

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