August 2011
Volume 11 Number 8
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Empower Yourself...
Psychic Self Defense; the Techniques
by Jane Sherry with Curtis Lang

Psychic Self Defense: The Techniques
by Jane Sherry with Curtis Lang


The Techniques

My empathic experiences drove me to seek and learn, over the course of several decades, a variety of techniques which have assisted me in exercising discernment, Visionary Artist: Francene Hartlearning to recognize the source of emotions I pick up from others, building my auric strength and shielding myself from over empathizing with people and events in my life and in our world.

In this article, we will address some of the techniques we can perform easily with virtually no expense or fancy workshops or special initiations. Try them out for yourself! You will find you can establish a set of hygienic energy practices to assist you in becoming more consciously empathic, more compassionate, more loving, and more effective in your relationships as a result.

Itís important to maintain a healthy diet which is right for you, to follow a meditation practice that will strengthen your energy field and your connection to Spirit, to replenish your inner stores of Universal Life Force Energy through physical hygiene and fresh air and exercise, and to refresh your mental attitude and willpower through the invocation of conscious intent and through exposure to Natureís rejuvenating Source of energy, present in abundance in the air, water and land where human habitations have not completely drained the Earth of her vitality.

Each one of us is hard wired to respond to others differently, and we each have our own ways of dealing with stresses in our daily lives, with illness, and with the needs of our own emotional bodies. We each have very unique responses to all of the myriad inputs we experience on a daily basis.

Diet and nutrition is still in the dark ages and rarely addresses people as individuals during Seasonal Transitions and during their many Life Transitions in the course of their lives. It would be best if our diets reflected these transitions because they are key to beginning to address ìleaky boundariesî which are one cause of empathic overload or pollution.

Our auric boundary needs to be kept in good shape, free of hooks and cords, without tears or holes, in order for us to be able to discern what is our own emotion and separate our own feelings from the feelings of others. This is especially important for those of us who are empaths or ìclairsentient.î

Staying centered sometimes can seem like a full time occupation. Ideally, one would have a daily spiritual practice, balanced by daily physical exercise, fresh air and fresh food as well as creative and emotional outlets on a regular basis to begin to experience a Centered life.

This is also the way to stay connected to Source. Spirit is immanent. We don't need to go to a Church, Synagogue or Mosque in order to pray (although there is nothing wrong with worshiping in that way). God, Goddess, Spirit, Source, The Intelligent Creator (by whatever name) is always within us, accessible and Ever Present to our existence. In fact, we are inextricably connected to Source all the time. It is only in our minds that we experience the disconnect. Meditation, chanting, breathing, and walks in unspoiled Nature are all good ways to stay connected to Source, proven to work for thousands of years by spiritual students of both East and West.

Physical hygiene is incredibly important, and not just to prevent ourselves from picking up bugs which are so prevalent as the root of all of our physical illnesses. What if I were to tell you that illness is not simply a matter of picking up a bug?

Have you ever had an argument during a meal? How did you feel afterwards? Is that a regular feature of your life? And if so, how is your digestive tract? Did you ever feel that sometimes you became ill so that you could experience some quiet time to simply nurture yourself?

This could be a whole article in itself, but my point here is not to discuss the theory of infection, but to help you consider that we may be ìinfectedî by more than physical ailments. Many of the things which ìinfectî us are in fact not from physical origins but rather from more subtle realms. Visionary Artist: Francene HartIf you've ever eaten out at a restaurant and suddenly felt VERY tired, did you ever stop to wonder if the reason you became tired was because of the energy of the cook, the kitchen prep staff, the waitress? That chef may be very overtired and overworked.

If you've ever visited with a friend, who you like, and whose company you normally enjoy and then returned home, only to feel drained and exhausted, it is possible that you picked up energy from that person in your astral body.

Many people are hardwired to receive impressions, emotions, thoughts and feelings of people or other aspects of their environment through simple direct exposure (walking into a room, touching someone or being in proximity). Other people pick things up kinesthetically, aurally, telepathically or emotively, and therefore can even experienc e anotherís energy from a distance.

You may recall in the 1960's, the Russian government did a lot of experiments along these lines, and our own CIA has performed hundreds of what are called "distance viewing" experiments. Rupert Sheldrake, a British scientist, has performed many experiments involving animals telepathically picking up on their ìownersî returning home from work, without there being any reason to know this. (See his book Dogs Know When Their Owners are Coming Home and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals). He has also been involved in studying human telepathy (See Satya Center:

Whether or not you believe in telepathy is not the point of this article. I'd like to say to those folks who have always thought they were picking things up around them and didnít know what to think about it or how to address those issues, that there are some simple ways to begin to address this in your life. For those others who already know that they are sensitive to the energies of the world, people and forces all around them, next week we will discuss tips for dealing with being "too sensitive."

by Jane Sherry with Curtis Lang

to be continued.....until then, practice the techniques... is a community website focusing on alternative health and healing, healthy relationships and global news. Satya means truth in Sanskrit. At SatyaCenter, we help you connect to your own inner truth -- your own Satya center. At, you'll find articles, resources and advice on how to improve your own personal health, the health of your relationships, the health of your community, and the health of our only home, planet Earth.

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