Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
April 2008
Volume 8 Number 4
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Dianic Wicca Ponderings

from Z Budapest

Dianic Wicca Ponderings
from Z Budapest

author of The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries

Imagine a spirituality whose essence is common sense. The Art of Charlotte Mary ZinkImagine a spirituality where community building and sisterhood is amongst the women. A culture to live and work in that is vagina friendly. Happy women … joy, joy!

Spirituality is so strong, to dominate the people you have to dominate their inner-life. If this is achieved you can fleece them, sell them salvation, sell them martyrdom, self sacrifice, devaluing their own life. Sell them death. What is it with our species so susceptible to stories? We are ruled by stories from the far-east, we are dominated by desert-born religions, and they all want to spread the net over larger populations. Expand their influence. Especially the youngest of the patriarchal religions, Wahhabist Islam. (Only five hundred years old, I have family rings older then that). Their contra part we have already experienced, the blood thirsty anti-choice activists marching about with dead fetuses in jars and inciting hatred against mothers and doctors. All this hoopla is not about religions, but using religions to control women.

In the meantime, the women are evolving nicely. 53 percent of them are comprising the majority of the workforce. There is no big generation gap between the Boomers and their grandchildren. (Affinities usually jump one generation). Young women are 72 percent of college grads. The white collar jobs, technical jobs, sports, sciences, all full force ahead. We even have women running countries all over the world. So what’s our problem?

We lost sweet sisterhood that’s what. Sisterhood which we have tasted and loved in the ever distant seventies. The memory of sisterhood is hunting our dreams, women traditionally shared work together, prayed together, practiced spirituality together. We used to counsel each other and give each other good honest praise. Because what we know is women get praise they get sweet. Praise makes us grow.

Dianic Wicca is a tradition whose faint traces I have found in Jane Harrison’s books, under Women’s Mysteries, alongside with Men’s Mysteries. Ms. Harrison was a collage professor in England, spoke dead languages, and translated her own clay tablets she dug up in her digs in Greece. So I didn’t invent Dianic Wicca. But I have revived and adopted it to modern times, practiced it and refined it, then propagated it, and finally been there at its rebirth, our times. What a span of time! Not since the fourth century was there full frontal women’s mysteries, until today. Before the feminist movement such rebirth was not possible. But now it is. And the Goddess has victoriously been reborn.

Dianic Wicca means women getting together to study their own archetypes, the goddesses and fill their heart with Mother Nature and her wonders and laws (http://zbudapest.com/goddess-festival.html). Diane Wicca can worship the Female Principle of the Universe under any name they choose. It’s not denominational. It’s an organic sprouting of a flower, a creative embroidery on a passed down skeleton of truth.

What is the truth? In Dianic Wicca we review our attitude towards our species, the human species and revalue who are we? Who are the people?

There are only two kinds of people on earth, the mothers and their children. This is a truth you can wrap your mind around.

Hence all Madonna with child is the oldest symbol for humanity. Be it Isis, or Mary, its humanity. Here we recognize us clearly.

As Humanity what would be a most joyous story we like to follow? We would like to have a story of good births, and good life’s, and good deaths. Can that be done in spirituality? It’s done very naturally. But it’s not very possible in churchy/religion style, where there is a holy-holy guy (always some guy) who calls the shots, and it’s never vagina friendly. Or a sex obsessed and deprived abused youth whose anger can be directed against women to gain male approval (hence a measure of safety).

The Art of Charlotte Mary ZinkWomen’s Spirituality sustains us in these turbulent times. We are the start of the brand new century. These are the interesting times.

Dianic Wicca gathers the women together, and empowers them with their own stories, no frowning judge can touch them, and in spirituality of the goddess they can reconnect themselves to the divine. Their own divine reflections.

The content of this Dianic Wicca is the wisdom of the natural world, herbals, and then of course the spells and rituals, and spontaneous experiences. But spells are prayers, with candles, and circles are symbols of equality. The seasons are our lives, and the full moons are making our Earth shift shape, slowing down time, giving us nice days and nights. If we focus on the natural life around us and been part of that reality, we have a truth of the Goddess, she is life and the Tree of Life hence us.

I have written the Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries (Weiser) all about the Dianic Wicca. I show our ways of celebrations, which the women have adopted, the seasonal holydays, full moons too, but there is a waste treasury of Women’s festivals and celebrations, which have never been reclaimed, still dominated by everyday life, and its essence was common sense. Those yet to have to unfold into reclaiming, reacting, celebrating such obscure festivals like the purifications in February, and the Bitching Festival in the fall, and the blessings on babies and couples, and on the old and burial rituals to the grave.

Dianic Wicca is a lifelong study. Its main book is Nature and all the knowledge about the planet, it’s an evolving relationship with the Universe, its Temple is portable, all women are her priestesses.

The knowledge of women is ancient, passed down in our DNA. I have a lot more to say, later.


About Z Budapest
Z. Budapest was born in Budapest, Hungary, the daughter of an artist and witch whose ancient spiritual beliefs had an immense influence on her. Budapest escaped Hungary during the 1956 uprising, and went on to study in Innsbruck, Vienna, and Chicago. Her reputation as a feminist high Priestess, Tarot pioneer, and seminal figure of women’s spirituality movement, is recognized worldwide. She workshops and lectures internationally, and is an educator at the California Institute of Integral Studies and Dianic University Online. Z. lives in Oakland, California. She can be found online at www.zbudapest.com


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Hi Susun:
Just wanted to say that just yesterday I pulled your Menopausal Years out of my bookcase to refer to it for HELP (dryness). I purchased some Nettles today, as you told me after my hysterectomy years ago, that it nourishes my adrenals. As Intuition would have it, I just received this E-zine today...confirming my intuition and YOUR exhaustive work on the subject.
Thank You for being here.

With much respect,
Peace and Blessings



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