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April 2007

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Greetings Susun:

I recently discovered your website and ordered some books and received a Tentative Schedule 2007 flyer with them. Just happened to notice at the very bottom, that you “possibly” are coming to San Diego. I was wondering if it has been planned yet? That would be really great!!!!! Please keep me posted, and let me know if there is anything that I can do to help facilitate it.

Herbally Yours,



… Infusions are wonderful. I am interested in blending some herbs for hair health.
Thank you so much for the wonderful things that you do.

Very Sincerely, Victoria


Hi Susun and company,

I really appreciate your work in the world, and recently the article about osteoporosis, thank you!

… Thank you! Peace, Kate



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Hi Susun,

I am really interested in beginning my journey in herbalism. I have been drawn to the beauty and magic of nature since I can remember. My goal is to start with the ABC’s of herbalism correspondence course and then continue on with the other courses that focus on a much deeper and spiritual level.




Hi there.

I've been interested in your shamanic apprenticeship for a few years now …
Thank you for doing the work you do. It's a relief to me to have this
opportunity available…




A friend recommended that I visit your website; she had followed the advice in one of your books during her pregnancy and loved it. I would be interested in receiving your newsletter, and learning more about your correspondence classes.

Thank you!



I would Love to be on your mailing list. I find your books most refreshing I just added your breast book to my collection. I know it will help me true my journey with breast cancer.

Peacefully Heidi



Dear Susun...

I've just discovered your website ... so much hopeful and helpful information…




please subscribe me to above website thanks, great site, learned so much already just about healthy bones. i did not realize that eating tofu was not in my body's highest good.....i am vegetarian and looking for alternatives for protein and thought soy (tofu) was a good choice...........



I have been reading over the materials …
I am planning on ordering several books from you..

You are AWESOME!



Dear Susun,

I am 44 and am, for the first time, thinking about getting pregnant.
So much of what I have read has been, perhaps not surprisingly, incredibly
discouraging. However, your "Fertility over Forty" essay was the pep talk
that I needed. Thank You!…Thanks so much.




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Please put me on your mailing list to be able to receive your free
newsletter. Thank you so much for all you do...I have worn copy of The
Menopausal Years ever handy and it has helped me get through the harder
times into the light.

Thanks, Victoria



Hi Susun,

Please sign me up for your free herbal ezine. I enjoy your books and always
am eager to learn more about all my green friends in my garden and beyond.
I'm also interested in doing a work exchange this summer…. I'd love to experience life on your sanctuary and learn whatever I can, and help out along the way. I'm 49 and
live in MA.

Thanks, Deb


What a beautiful website. I admire your work and need to add your book selection to my new Healing Room in my bookshop.

Have a wonderful evening and I look forward to reading the emails!

Bright blessings.




I just wanted to thank you for a great site, I have recently had a mild stroke and am looking at ways to improve my health. I am overweight and lethargic and decided I would look at herbs to help. I decided infusions would help and that is why I landed at your site. I intend to grow my own herbs and use them to help me.

so thanks again.
cheers Stevie



You appear to be getting more beautiful and are aging gracefully!
To our good wealth and health.



Dear Susun,

Just got an e-mail regarding your organization and various events. Everything sounds so incredibly enlightening and your e-mail articles are quite revelatory..

Thank You, Patricia



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I just signed up for your newsletter and find it informative. …

Sincerely, Daniel



Hello Susun,

Thank you for your e-newsletter. It is wonderful! I loved the article by Julia on the gypsies in NY and look forward to reading more in the next newsletter.

I am also grateful for your article on mammograms. I decided a few years ago not to do mammograms anymore as I knew intuitively they hurt my breasts more than they helped them and I was getting them from a place of fear.

I know my body well and lovingly care for it. I know when I am out of balance. I have always trusted my intuition and have been able to heal some powerful challenges in my body. Everyday I am fascinated with the study of my body and the emotions that show up through it. I have found out my body does not lie or hide what is currently going on in my life.

Thank You Susun for living and speaking your truth. From this truth you’ve helped create a smoother path for myself and my three daughters to embrace the sacredness of being a woman.

wishing you the best,


Hi Susun,

I've been using the tea infuzions and love them… I'm in Para-menopause- i'm using the oat-straw and nettle at this time.

thanks- Ella



I read your book The Child Bearing Year about 15 years ago! You helped me so much back then and were such a huge influence in my quest for learning about herbal medicine. I am a big admirer, supporter, and fan!

Thank you for continuing a very ancient rite/right and practice.



I have been receiving your emails for the past few years and greatly respect your wisdom. I grew up in a small Polish Immigrant neighborhood in rural Manchester, NH where our community lived off the land and shared common fields and orchards, using the barter system for many of our needs. Both grandmothers used herbs extensively for any family ailments and maintained their own herbal gardens. As a child I was taught how to mushroom and wildcraft, drying most of our harvest for the year… So I am very open to the use of herbs, wild crafting, mushrooms, and respect their healing powers. I was one of the children that never missed a day of school: elementary, high school and university 5 years and attributed it to having lived off the land, consuming fresh natural produce and raw milk.



I must say your web site is the best developed one I've seen.

Kudos to you all.



I read your New Meonopause Book and Breast Cancer? BreastHealth! Very good.
… I was drinking a quart of red clover twice a week, oat straw infusion, mother wort tincture, and bach olive plus lots of restorative yoga and time in nature--evening moonlit walks in the mountains . . . I did find complete relief of extreme breast soreness and heaviness with your recommended daily calendula masssage and loving visualization. ….

Blessings. Lisa



Good morning Susun weed first I thank you so much for breast book I danced thru it …

thank you so much again



Dear Susun Weed,

I am very excited about your site and what I read there, since I am fascinated with weeds… Thank you for all the information you have put out there. It is energising just reading it!

Best Wishes
Chandrika (translates to Light of Moon)



Dear Susun,

I don't usually send emails like this, but I felt this was important.
I regularly visit your site to see if anyhting new is up. I am not new to herbs. In fact, they have been my constant companion for 9 years now, encouraging me to a life of self-sufficiency (my life-long goal, I believe).

I can't remember which page I stumbled on, but it didn't take long before I was reminded of what is important in life. I sometimes let myself get too influenced by pop-culture that is bombarded on us left and right day-in, day-out, that can leave me feeling rather battered and insecure. So i wanted to thank you for the site and information you and your group put out on a regular basis. Your teachings are invaluable and a great help to the community, and always a great pleasure to read.

Please continue your teachings. Many blessings,



Hello all you wonderful wise women -

We watched the Juliette video in Herbology class on Monday and I cried for joy through most of it. I'd even forgotten that part of it was filmed during that wonderful time with Helen and Juliette at Avena and at Harborside. I felt so connected. It's really
amazing to relive something so powerful. I was even in one shot for a few
seconds! I told my students that now I felt I had truly introduced them to
my mentors. I will treasure this video and share it many many times.

Thank you so much,



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Dear Susun,

I purchased and read your book "Menopausal Years The Wise Woman's Way" at an herb bar in Austin Texas. I love this! I am ready to get started … Thank you for caring enough about women to help us to use natures way to enter this glorious stage of life!





I love your newsletter, and site. My daughter and I both use your books heavily.






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Susun's Biography

Susun S. Weed has no official diplomas of any kind; she left high school in her junior year to pursue studies in mathematics and artificial intelligence at UCLA and she left college in her junior year to pursue life.

Susun began studying herbal medicine in 1965 when she was living in Manhattan while pregnant with her daughter, Justine Adelaide Swede.

She wrote her first book -- Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year (now in its 29th printing)-- in 1985 and published it as the first title of Ash Tree Publishing in 1986.

It was followed by Healing Wise (1989), New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way (1992 and revised in 2002), and Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way (1996).

In addition to her writing, Ms Weed trains apprentices, oversees the work of more than 300 correspondence course students, coordinates the activities of the Wise Woman Center, and is a High Priestess of Dianic Wicca, a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, and a Peace Elder.

Susun Weed is a contributor to the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women's Studies, peer- reviewed journals, and popular magazines, including a regular column in Sagewoman.

Her worldwide teaching schedule encompasses herbal medicine, ethnobotany, pharmacognosy, psychology of healing, ecoherbalism, nutrition, and women's health issues and her venues include medical schools, hospital wellness centers, breast cancer centers, midwifery schools, naturopathic colleges, and shamanic training centers, as well as many conferences.

Susun appears on many television and radio shows, including National Public Radio and NBC News.


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