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November 2009

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Thank you so much. Your mother's book, Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year has helped me so much and I am truly honored to share her wisdom with others.



Hi Susan,

I just read "Becoming a Herbalist" on your website. It is so beautiful. You are so beautiful! What a wonderful work you do. Though I haven't met you in person, your spirit influences my life and enriches me deeply. I stumbled across your website one day when I was searching online for answers to a challenge I was dealing with. What a joy to find "Wise Woman" and all the treasures that come thru your website. I thank the universe for you.

Many continued blessings to you,


Hello Susun,

I have been learning weed ‘medicines’ for more that 30 years. I worked with a MicMac Medicine man for 10 years. In all that I have read I have not seen one that felt as genuine as your material. Thank you very much. Thank you for doing the seeking and the experience that is required, and thank you for sharing it. You are the first I heard freely admit to speaking with the plants. Thank you once again!

Many Blessings !
The Milkwitch



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I have joined the Wise Woman Forum and just now received part one of the Seven Rivers of Healing. I am so excited to be studying this course! I have been nourishing myself and my family in the Wise Woman tradition almost 15 years and have always wanted to take one of Susun's courses. I hope this is just the first of many for me. :)

Many thanks,



I just wanted to let Susun know that I appreciate her advice and to thank her, because her advice probably saved my life. I live in Colorado. Last year, I was struggling w/uterus pain. I took her advice about taking motherswort. What happend from there was that the motherswort did what it was supposed to do and then I had to seek medical help. I had pre-uterine cancer and ovarian cancer. I believe that me listening to my body and the motherwort started a new change in my life. My perspective changed and so did my love for myself, and my womanhood. My doctor now wants me to get regular mammograms, but I believe they do more harm than good. Thanks to Susun's writings about self-exams, I am learning about that part of my body, that I have so long ignored. Please Thank her for me. I really, really value her newsletters and advice.



sadly, I responded to the survey too literally and did not express the first time (in comments) how beautiful the zine really is. even though I didn't open the survey query until it was already tallied, and then was too boring/lazy/cowardly/bland to respond to any more than just the questions asked, please grace me with the opportunity to say how warm and caring the information you share with us makes us feel. The zine really is extremely helpful, especially to those of us who have not enjoyed perfect health recently but are still smiling ... because we can! what inspired me to drop this note after the survey was seeing the lovely face of Justine! is this the same Justine I met when first subscribing, who made me feel as if we had known each other for eons? if so, hello again old friend. if not, pleased to meet your through the ethernet tonight! and again, Susun, thank you for all you do.



Dear Justine and Susun

Thank you so much for a lovely workshop yesterday. Being at Laughing Rock among all of the plants and animals was a wonderful antidote to my usual urban environs. I'm still thinking about how good the borscht was yum! Susun, you and your books continue to be a great inspiration to me.

;) Jo-Jo



Dear Susun,

yesterday did the survey and didn`t make a comment, after reading the wealth of material and watching your video last night, i want to say Thank You so much for sharing your knowledge and helping to open a new view of our precious life - on - earth! Brightest thoughts and blessings,




Beloved Juliette, faithful compassionate protector of the animal beings upon this earth, ch il d of waters pure, inspired flame-bearer tirelessly transmitting patient years of amassed herbal-lore and the ways of healing reaped in earth’s four corners, generously gifted to all, you to il ed ceaselessly, lovingly, bringing healing, spreading wisdom, touching so many, creating beauty and life, unflinchingly walking against the current to carry out your life’s work. Meeting you in Israel 1972 was a joyful delight and a boon. A gateway unto the ways of nature, linking many worlds, setting an example, ever teaching. You opened your magical Northern corner before me, forever changing my life. What a living force you were, basking in the sunray, planting herbs, making mead, the noble dogs surrounding you, a laboratory of herbs in baskets, communing with the owls, at one with water pure, blending great portions of the natural ways into your every living minute. You touched me profoundly, woman of the wilds, and like many, I felt infinitely lucky, joyful to be near the gentle hearth of courageous Juliette, whose wise hands and poetic deep Heart were dedicated to the service of true medicine, fine tuned with the subtle mysteries and perfection of nature’s wholeness. Although after early 1974 I never saw you again, you remained ever-present in the years to come. Your gift of magical flower tea, unbelievably fragrant and soothing, accompanied me overland to India , sipped with delight and appreciation months to come. Each sip a heartwarming party amid dancing flowers, potent herbs soothing spirit and body in the march of time. How often over the years you came to mind/heart…in the hours spent amidst stretches of wildflowers, or tinkling through a gurgling stream, in the gentle eyes of the creations of the One. I bid thee farewell precious Guardian of the Earth. You have given us so very much, divine gypsy, and I know you w il l never be afar as I touch the herbs you so loved, watch the stars alight in the vast night sky or wander in the w il d anywhere; for the very earth are you, the beaming fire. Many wildflowers to you, true shepherdess. You remain strongly in our hearts. Loved forever.



Dear Susan,

The article you put on EZINE about The bladder has changed my life. I have had Parkinson's for 17 years now. During the last five to six years of them, my bladder has become more and more overactive. Given that my medicine is the ayurvedic mucuna pruriens which has to be taken in water, that didn't help the situation. Eventually I was put on a drug called oxybutin, which became less effective over time, and [I didn't realise it till a couple of weeks back] was making my bowel extremely sluggish. So much so, that I needed colonic irrigation every month! I read you article about Comfrey, got the summary of the research on Comfrey from the Henry Doubleday Research Institute here in the UK, they refuted the claims that comfrey could not be ingested, because of it's carciogenic potential. Saying that this advice had sprung out of research in extreme conditions, like feeding pigs nothing other than comfrey their entire lives, caused the odd one to develop a tumour! I started to take comfrey tea, and it phased out the urgency problem, and I noticed my constipation getting a lot better. Then I checked out side effects of oxybutin, and realised that had been responsible for that problem. I have found that I bought symphytum uplandica by sheer coincidence earlier this summer to plant in my herbaceous garden. Which is handy because all that seems to be available here is the officinalis. The Parkinson's is difficult anyway to cope with, but the bladder and bowel were the straws that broke the camel's back, so to speak. You have removed both of these difficulties for me.

Thank you once again.



hello susun,

i am so grateful to have met through your book, beautiful woman. healing wise came to me just when i needed it, and has been such a good friend ever since. it has been less than a week and i am well inspired and changed. you are bold! upon day one of our meeting, i had dreams of nettles, oranges, and water all night. next day i spent the day by the river collecting my new best friend, in a good way of course... good thing yellowdock was around to help with the few stings i received...yum!

i have been thinking alot about sending you an email ~ i ask you to please share some of your thoughts on healing. i send a gift of love with this request. heres the story. i have a really hard time accepting conventional medicine. but it always seems like a place where people, even natural types, go. i feel i am a radical purist to the point of near obsession (possesion?). i never want to see a scientific doctor, or have my blood read, etc. it doesnt agree with me at all. but the influence is everywhere and its hard to feel so alone in being this way. i am constantly being tested, but it is what i believe. i am hurt, pissed off, and pained to the core that these deceptions of scientific medicine exist. i am also compassionate towards the participants, thankfully. i am almost ready to die before i ever see a scientific doctor. i realize that even thinking about these things contradicts my overall belief in trust and wellness. but i wont deny that ive still got some fear in me, for now at least. any words or direction would be of great help. i do thank you infinite amounts for your words. cant wait to meet you someday.

love love love!
ps hopefully this message makes sense. my mind is wonky and tired at the moment, but i couldnt wait to write! ooooh words. yesss!



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Juliette was an amazing woman. She has been in my thoughts since the day I met her, 7 years ago. I had the pleasure of having her as the guest of honor at my herbal shop grand opening in Conway, NH back in 2002. We showed her movie, and then had a book signing. I was in awe of all she knew. I could sit and listen to her forever. She will be sadly missed in the herbal community. Juliette, may you wander through the lavender fields of the heavens.




Although I never met Juliette the wisdom passed on to me through Susun's teachings and in Juliette's books have greatly improved my life and the lives of my animals. She lives on



hi there-

i just got your news letter, and though i never met her, i am saddened to hear of julliette de baircli levy's passing. it si in fact because i always hoped i'd meet her- her book Traveler's Joy has inspired me to try and overcome all the fears and prejudices of my urban culture- because of this book i tried out wwoofing in scotland this last week. its something i never would have dreamed of before. . . . . what a Story this woman had! what things she saw, and how magically she turned it all into healing, wisdom and great tales and poetry! wow! it inspies me to try to help make it so that the poignantly dissappearing world she described might somehow be passed through the lines of story, kept and reborn(or discovered!).

i would like also to re-iterate how much i really am grateful for your books and wisdom as well. about ten years ago you offered me good, solid advice on your tuesday night helpline- and it was a real lifeline for me! and women like you and her, who (as you put it) follow no man's law but abide strictly by the laws of nature are so fantastically inspiring. . . . .so though you don't know me, i send you All Good Energies for the loss of this woman who i know must've been your friend, and continued Huge Enthusiasm for all the work you are doing, putting your and her and other wise womens' knowledge and stories out into the world. thank you.
in sisterhood-




i wouldnt be without your books. peaceful passing wise woman.




I missed opportunities to meet this incredible woman but have learned much from her. I do animal rescue and her books are well-wormn from my frequent research. I am honored she lived in my lifetime and the world is a much better place because of her. Thank you for sharing her story. Please accept my deepest heartfelt sympathy in her loss. I feel as though a very dear friend has passed over and she will be missed.

Sincerely, Lynn



My condolences to All who knew and loved Julliette. I met her at the Herb Conference in New Hampshire, in '96 or '97. She was lovely, and knew so much! Thank You Julliette for the wonderful gifts you left all of us.

Love, Linda



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From the birds to the trees to the crisp river streams. Forever in my heart, your words sit in printed pages on my nighstand. Thank you for sharing your journey, tending the earth and all its creatures, And for loving us all. Safe journey my dear Juliet,

Always in love,



I Got It! A week (plus a couple days) with the most famous Susun Weed! Learning all about medicinal herbs, being one with nature and myself and others, learning Green Goddess ways, working the farm from morning til night, creating, learning, sharing, MoonLodge, Talking Stick. One of my dreams have come true. Nettle Woman here I come.



This is one of the best real foods interviews I've listened to. Thanks ever so much!




Fellow woodstockian who loves your work!




Happy Holidays Susun..

Thank you for all that you do..I so appreciate your wisdom..It makes turning 56 a little bit more palatable..Many Blessings to you and your loved ones....

Psychic Mary Ellen


Hi Susun--

I just wanted to say again how honored I am to have been interviewed for the new program. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to speak and share points of view with you-- I'll be looking forward to hearing the program.

Winter blessings to you and your family,



I have been reading and using your writings for about 20 years. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.




Hoping one day we will meet in person. Your work has changed me forever and helped me reconnect with the plants I have come to adore.




Hi Susun!
I love your books and I am so thankful for the beautiful wisdom that you have given me - especially now as I walk through peri-menopause - thank you ever so much!!!




Maintaining wellness is so very simple the Wise Woman's way. I am thankful for the truth that negates the aggressive miss information and partial information that is passed out to us.




loved your article. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of the Wise Woman Tradition. I need to use my herbal vinegar that's been steeping for months!




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Blessed be!
I'm a fan and a hopeful student.




Dear Susun - I love your picture - you appear wise and serene and very kind. I wish you a wonderful holiday season!





I ordered six tarot decks and one Lumen deck from various companies. I am writing to say thank you for immediately filling my order for my Lumen deck. It was as if I put in the order and minutes later someone found the deck and sent my order immediately!! I am still waiting for the other five orders from various companies. Once again, thank you for your promptness,




Thank you for your incredible work! You are an inspiration!




Green Fairy Godmother, thank you for all of your wisdom and green blessings.




I love the picture you have up today. You are so beautiful with the Queen Ann's lace beside your face; you look like a woman in love. Thank you for your gift of friendship. I am honored.

Bright Blessings,



Many blessings to you!I have loved you work for a long time, your books have been very inspirational to me. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.!!!




Just reading your books makes me feel more connected, Susun. I think my journey as a crone would be lost at sea or something without you.
Thank You So Much, May you have a long life in this round!




I am one of your many fans of wise woman herbals. Thank you for all that you do and have done to inspire and empower herbs and woman healers!


Thanks for sharing wisdom beauty and strength, courage and yo!




How wonderful to find you on Face Book after the passing of many years. Perhaps my old hippie name "Red Star" will stir some remote memory of me. I attended a week long training with you and, I believe, a woman named Billie, back in the early 80's. We briefly crossed paths last in Austin where I attended a daylong seminar on the use of herbs during childbirth for midwives. Your closing words to me were "Always trust the healing that comes through you." They left a wonderful, indelible mark on my soul. Thanks for the beauty and depth of you and your work in the world.




Always happy to meet a Wise Woman!




You are so amazing! I have your book, Wise Woman which I also gave to my mother as a gift. You're wonderful.


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Love your books.



I love herbal medicine and you are my favorite teacher.



Hi Susun!

This is Nan.
I am wishing all of you a Holiday Season and 2010 filled with LIGHT and LOVE and PEACE and HARMONY and RESONANCE! Susun, you are awesome! I have been watching you on YOU TUBE and reading your articles. You know so much and your willingness to share fills my heart.



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Hi Susun,

I'm an apprentice of Robin Rose Bennett. I attended your workshop at the WHC on high energy foods for a busy lifestyle and have been enjoying a nettle infusion every day since. I have noticed many great changes since--sustained energy through the day, new eyebrow growth, and more color and sheen to my hair! Thank you for sharing your wisdom in so many ways. I have also enjoyed your brilliance in your books and videos as well. I look forward to seeing you at the conferences again this year!

Much love and light,



Old time womanspirit, artist/poet...followed your work for years and love it!




Extreme fan of yours...:)
...would love to be "friends"! lol!




I love Susun weed, I have all her books, what an inspiration !!




i am so grateful that you are using a platform such as this to spread your message of healing and the wise woman way!! you are truly an inspiration to use what nature has given us and to talk to our friends, the plants, and hear what goodness they offer!!







Thanks for the brilliant earth medicine that you share with us all Susun.

Many blessings, Sarah


Hello, just a quick reply..my life is such a mess at this moment but when I clicked your e-mail and listened to your interview on One Radio Network I knew that my life will get better. The internet is a mysterious, wonderful thing that without you would totally be missing something. Thank you so much for being here for all of us and your caring, informative books and talks. You have made my day, once again.

You are a blessing. Bless, Magga


Hello Susun!

I have several of your books. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, it has been very helpful and comforting.




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Susun, thank you for all your wisdom. I find your website very helpful!




Wow I saw you as a friend of Enota Mountain retreat. I read your herb book a few years ago and loved the info and your sense of humor. Very cool to see you on here!




hello Susun!

thankful to be in your company, I was gifted a book of yours and I am interested in learning more on the tradition of wise women and our allies. love and love to you thank you and again.




Green blessings!

I'm so glad you have recorded a lot of videos that are available on YouTube! Thanks for spreading your knowledge via these newer high-tech tools!

Peace and health to you, Julie



Love, love, love you! and appreciate you soooo much!




Thanks for all you do. your wise woman ways have helped me in my life.



Hi Susun!

I am admiring you from afar in California. Thank you for the you tubes, your books and your web presence. You inspire me!

With much love, Katie



I am reading your books, forum, website... and finding all of it very interesting! Your approach is very much 'common sense'. And the herbal infusions are bringing my health up, slowly, but they are 'working' where other things haven't. Keep sharing your insights!! ( many things my intution was telling me was confirmed in your writings!)



Susun, I am such a fan!



Thank you for all the wonderful work that you do! I so enjoy reading everything you write!



You look so beautiful, Susan. I still remember sitting up a gentle slope, under a tree, stripping the blades of grass into long slivers, while I listened to a woman, then barely known, about the miraculous healing powers of the plants of the earth. And there you are!




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Thank you for your great work!




I Love all of the wonderful information that you share with us and also your Free You Tube videos!I have made many tinctures and infusions! Thank you very much!




Hi Susun,

Kasia Wolf here. I was sitting at work today (in the office) and had some time to release a bit of stress and decided to look for a video of you to watch/listen to in the background. I found some videos of you where you look SO YOUNG. I was struck by how much more beautiful and powerful your presence is these years as apposed to those younger videos. I smiled to myself, quite broadly, at the thought that we become so much better with age. :)"



Just wanted to say i enjoy your videos. I've been an avid forager for some years now but i'm new to the medicinal applications side of things. i would love to join you for a class sometime. Thank you for sharing your passion.




You have been one of my wise woman idols for so long!!! Thank you for your incredible contribution to the revival of the old ways.




Hi Susun,

I took a fantastic class with you oh...14 yrs. ago. I would like to be in touch to hear about herbal info. I am going to be 50 next month and need to up the calcium. I did call you 6 yrs. ago and you told me fermented soy and greens and yougurt. I would like to be in touch for any good helpful hints. ps...I have 3 of your books!! You rock!!!

Best, Robyn


Dear Susun, You are my female hero :) I took your Green Witch class 6 years ago but couldn't finish it due to lack of money :( I would pick you or someone like you to reincarnate you! Love you and Christine,




Hi Susun,

Would love to reconnect. I've loved you and all you gifted me with all of these years!



Susun! fun to see you here - I've loved your books for years :)



Hello Susun,

I live in Vancouver BC and I provide support to women during birth and postpartum. I am also a midwifery student with Gloria Lemay. Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year is my bible. You are a great resource in the world to have. Thank you for all the work you do.

Love, Veronika



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Hello Susun!

... I heard about your practice and your webpage through a dear friend of mine who hopes to be studying with you in the near future. As for myself, I’ve just begun exploring your page and find it all very inspiring and motivating. I want to say thank you for your presence here, and helping us all in the process of re-grounding.




I don't personally know you but just wanted to share how well worn my copy of Wise Woman Herbal for the childbearing year is. I used it with all of my children and I'll forever be grateful to you and the wonderful Mother Earth!




Thank you Susun for accepting my friendship request. I've followed you for a while and let me tell you, things you hve said have helped me ease into Cronehood with very few symptoms and/or problems. Blessings to you Momma,



Susun, I have all your books, and feel like I know you :)




Love your books and podcasts!




On an unrelated note, it bears repeating that you and your work are wonderful, Susun. I just turned another doula client mama on to your books last week and she now loves you too. Thank you for all you do!


I just checked you out on youtube. You're amazing. Bless you.
looking forward to meeting you one day.



Been loving you a loooong time! :-) I know I'll enjoy any wisdom you post here, so I hope you'll accept my friend request. Thank you dear wise woman!!! <3



I have enjoyed your books for many years and I'm delighted to find you here.




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I really enjoyed listening to your interview. What a wonderful way to spend my Thanksgiving.




Your research has helped my wife so much!! Thank you!




I just listened to the interview... right on Susun- I also use and love comfrey... the interview was inspiring, informative, and reassuring. I am an herbalist here in Colorado Springs and have been since the 70's. I have your earlier books. Brigitte Mars was just here on Fri giving a presentation. More power to the herbal goddesses! Bless you for all your work and what you have to offer Susun.

Herbal Blessings,



Dear Susan,

Just heard you on Patrick Timpone's show for the first time--sadly, I only caught the last 10 minutes, but Ijust loved you, your whole attitude and outlook, and what you talked about! It all made so much sense when you talked about the natural world. I look forward to your classes and getting know more about you and your work.

Blessings, Caroline



I admire and appreciate your work! I am just starting out as a doula and an aspiring midwife.




I'm a loyal fan of your work :)



Hello, I just wanted to say thank you. My name is Christa and your books have been a very important part of my life. "Herbs for the childbearing year" helped me so much thru pregnancy and nursing. My babies and I thank you very much.



Hi Susun;

i am enjoying your new book and am taken with the image of the earth going through menopausal change. Sure seems like it!





Susun's Biography

Susun S. Weed has no official diplomas of any kind; she left high school in her junior year to pursue studies in mathematics and artificial intelligence at UCLA and she left college in her junior year to pursue life.

Susun began studying herbal medicine in 1965 when she was living in Manhattan while pregnant with her daughter, Justine Adelaide Swede.

She wrote her first book -- Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year (now in its 29th printing)-- in 1985 and published it as the first title of Ash Tree Publishing in 1986.

It was followed by Healing Wise (1989), New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way (1992 and revised in 2002), and Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way (1996).

In addition to her writing, Ms Weed trains apprentices, oversees the work of more than 300 correspondence course students, coordinates the activities of the Wise Woman Center, and is a High Priestess of Dianic Wicca, a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, and a Peace Elder.

Susun Weed is a contributor to the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women's Studies, peer- reviewed journals, and popular magazines, including a regular column in Sagewoman.

Her worldwide teaching schedule encompasses herbal medicine, ethnobotany, pharmacognosy, psychology of healing, ecoherbalism, nutrition, and women's health issues and her venues include medical schools, hospital wellness centers, breast cancer centers, midwifery schools, naturopathic colleges, and shamanic training centers, as well as many conferences.

Susun appears on many television and radio shows, including National Public Radio and NBC News.


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