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June 2008

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Hi Susun,

I have several of your books and treasure them greatly…



I received your reply Karen, Thank you so much.

I was just online reading through the various links and resources on Susun’s website when your email came to me. Good timing. Yes I am totally drawn to this path as I have walked the other two long enough. I have sought to see myself as unique and exactly as I need to be not a broken woman needing various bottles of pills and rigid diets to “fix” my so called imbalances/imperfections. I know I must have thought that way in order to have gone that route. Now that I know better I can do better. Inside I have felt a truth I could not find words for until now. I am so grateful to Susun and all of you who make these teachings accessible. I am only at the beginning but then that is always the place to start. I would really love to find information on natural child raising/remedies using the wisdom of this path. Would the books on the website by Juliette de Bairaccli Levy be the ones to order?

Many Blessings,


Dear Karen,

You will be happy to know one of Juliette's books - "Natures Children", I am giving to a friend who is a naturopath/herbalist who has a 1 year old girl and will be able to use this book as I do not have children of my own. It's good to be able to share the wisdom around.




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Hi Karen,

Thanks for answering my question.
Thanks for the links - the wisewomanweb - what a cool site!
I think I'll make it my home page :-)

Happy springtime to you,
Mary in Texas



Hi Karen Joy,

You are the best! You always answer emails personally and I know this from the women I share an office with.
I have Susun's "New Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way in my bed. I also have 9 signed copies that I gave as gifts to my office and we range in age from 44 to 62 y/o. The book helps immensely b/c of course I feel like it was written just for me.

I do belong to all the forums and wisewoman web and enjoy them all…

Happy May Day!



Happy May Day
from Rosy -----It is the time of the faeries........glorious May with all her blooming.

Have a lovely time in the garden..............plant a flower, kiss a leaf..............appreciate the earth.

Love, Lucia



hello susun,

i have been and continue to be consistently moved and inspired, motivated by
your teachings. i have "healing wise" and "new menopausal years", and use
them more as reference books than a front to back reading. most recently, i
feel a pull to study, perhaps thru correspondence classes…

dandelion and chickweed(i think) are abundant in my yard. too, i like
burdock and seaweed but i don't have much experience. seems nettle and
oatstraw are imperative yet more complicated for me and i'm patient to meet
sweet aunt vi.

oh, and my husband is french and as i've just very recently learned that my
great grandmother was also a frenchy, i feel i must share with you, how
right on, you are avec le dent de leon. magnifique susun! captivating et il
est partout, partout. oui.

new to gardening.
merci beacoup!

austin, texas



Hi there,

I noticed your site and it interested me.
… I realy am glad I found your site!
I thank you for your time and your advice....

With friendship and kindness,



Dear Susun Weed:
and Justine:

Your Web site is very nice, every time, I read your messages, I get more impressed.

Thank you for sharing, and being there.
Blessing and Love



Hello Karen

I have been a follower of Susuns book for many years I had my son with help of her book and he was healthier than my first child better at nursing and my milk production was stronger. They are 10 and 13….

many blessings to you



Hi Susun,

Your book has been tremendously helpful…




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Dear Susun,

Thank you so much for your beautiful books, and now, I have found your
website - wonderful! I am hoping to become pregnant once again
using some of the herbs you suggest in you Menopause book (I'm 45).

Many thanks,



Dear Susun,

I'm a recent subscriber to your zine. So nice to receive it each month. …



Hello Susun,

First off I want to say what an amazing woman you are and an inspiration to many…





I am very drawn to the Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship… My friend and "adopted daughter" is beginning one of your courses and has asked me to start it with her (Sarah Kedell-MD). She's very excited and it’s a really good thing for her right now.

I look forward to hearing from you and possibly being a part of something very special.




Hi, Susun..

Just love your site and of course, the work you have done…





What a wonderful site…




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I am an admirer of this wisdom and have been up to visit Susun a couple
of times. I was interested that she only advises eating poke up until
mid-May. For a number of years I have been eating it, in Eastern New York
State, with minor vigilance, all the way into August.

My technique is simple: three waters, boiling a minimum of 15 minutes each time, and using only the small leaves -- nothing bigger than the size of my hand, no leaves
that show more than a single shade of pale green, and nothing off a plant
that has already opened flowers. These plants get huge, there are often lots
of leaves like this, and it's also possible to prolong the season by cutting
off the tops to prevent flower set.

I've never encountered any problems except an occasional very mild case of
the runs (which leads me to believe that these greens might be valuable for
people with constipation). I'd love to find out if anyone else has made
similar experiments.




Thank you so much for this wonderful monthly newsletter! I find it very refreshing, very informative, and very helpful in my life! ! ! :)


I'm a solitary green practitioner, and have been studying along these lines now for about 9 years. I've been able to come to the conclusion that all through my life this has been my path, but it became very clear to me not long after my dad passed on about 9 years ago. I've been truly blessed to have many opportunities to study herbalism at home on my own, and have also come across some herbalists along the way to ask questions and learn more, such as yourself. I'm very grateful to Goddess She has been good enough to teach you, and you in turn others like myself.

I'm working towards getting some debt paid off that I need to take care of, and have as one of my goals in the next few years to be able to sign up for your distance learning courses.

Green Blessing on you this day!
Green Mama D



… Peace and blessings for such a beautiful website and help.

Sincerely, Hope



Hello Susun and thank you! for taking a moment to talk to me yesterday when
I was pretty upset with myself.

I'd gone out to pick some poke for lunch and heard the call of Dandy Lion instead. So I picked a couple tops of poke and a lot of dandelion greens and came in to the kitchen and was inspired to stir fry up my lunch with sesame oil and seeds, soy sauce and some veggie chirizo my sister sent from Austin. It all sort of came together at the
stove, as I am usually a very spontaneous cook. It smelled yummy and looked
yummy and it wasn't until after I took my first bite of a slightly
rose-tinged stem that I remembered there was poke in my mess of greens.

Yikes! My first thought was to stick my finger down my throat, but I gotta
admit my second thought was wow! this smells so good, how much poke did I
actually pick? I quickly dumped the bowl and ran it's contents down the
disposal before I entertained that killer idea any longer at my luncheon
table. Then I went to the computer to see if I could find out how much poke
I had to consume to be deadly and if there was any treatment I could do.

As an acupuncture student, wife of an anesthesiologist and a student of
Rosemary's 'Art and Science' I was ping-ponging between embarrassment and a
growing sense of doom. There were articles about how to wash the leaves of
poke in multiple changes of water. There were admonitions that one should
NEVER eat any part of the poke no matter what Granma said and there were
articles which listed poke root as a medicinal herb. The worst was the one
describing the process of pumping the stomach as a treatment to expect if I
checked into the emergency room. Convulsions...diarrhea...vomiting!

Then I noticed an article YOU had written on one of the sites I was checking out.
"If I could only talk to Susun, I know I could get the kind of advice I
need." I've been indebted to you, Susun, over the years, for much good
advice. You've helped during my sister's first child's birth. Wish I'd known
about you when I birthed Celeste at home. :) But, mostly, I am grateful for
your suggestion in "Menopausal Years" of using Chaste Berry as I did for
over 3 years to control the bleeding fibroids which would have surely
claimed my uterus otherwise during my.

Now, I just had to talk to you--NOW!
Thank you for answering, Susun! Thank you for saying just the right thing.
Thank you for the terrific 'near death' experience. :)

I am beginning a Chinese Herb program at the oldest Chinese Medicine school in Texas this summer after completing the Acupuncture program here in Ohio. I hope, in
time, I will be able to provide the kind of healing you have brought me to
some of those who come to me for care. I hope to pass it on.

Thank you dear friend!


Good morning!

Just a note to let you know, first of all, how much i enjoy reading the newsletter every month and how much you have inspired me to go out into woods and fields and really look at all the magical plants....and taste them too! …

Thank you, robin.



Dear Susun, thank you so much that I can be with you in the Green Goddess Week.

(Excuse my English) My life changed so much, I'm now living in the north-east of the peruvian jungle, in a beautiful valley makeing agricultura. Since we met the last time, I got married, earned a lot of money, become a grandmother ... I thought all was running well. 2 Years ago I had to detect that my life, was a success ... at this moment it seems a big illusion.

In one night, everything changed .... that I thought my head will break and I have to die. Also my ego got a such a blow .... I had an economic breakdown, I survived a eathquake of 7.9 here in Lamas, I had to recocnize that I'm living in an area, where it is very normal to make macumba, against everybody and everything .... my dog Lobo, my best friend, died ... I got into the menopause .... and and and ...

Then I lived alone with my grandchild Ismael in a big house, at the end of the world, and I had to organise a school-education for him. The Goddess came back into my life, remembering all the spiritual practise helped me to survive. The last time I took Ayahuasca, I had a amazing vision, I got in contact with my soulsisters. Searching the internet, I came to your website, reading about the Green Goodess Week made me so exciting, that I sent you an Email. Feeling I'm now on my way, it is such a gift to meet you again, spending a week learning with you.

I'm looking pleased forward to august,
liebe Grüsse Lisa



Happy Mother's Day to Justine and Susun!!!




Please include me in your newsletter mailing list. I have long wished to participate in one of your courses and I would like to keep in touch as I try to develop a way to come to NY.




Thank You, Sweet Susun!

I shall be going to the GATHERING THE GODDESS festival in September hosted
by Sweet Z.... i look forward to meeting your grace!







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Dear Susun,

I love your books and the skullcap, oatstraw and wild yam teas have helped
me tremendously in healing up from MS…




Dearest Susun:

Thanks so much opening your home, your heart and your mind with it's vast amount of wisdom and knowledge to me. I sincerely appreciated and honor my time spent there on Saturday. I also wanted to say thank you for the lovely Slippery Elm Sapling that you gave to me. I will honor it and think of you as I watch it grow. It is special for me when I receive such gifts. I promise I will love and listen too it to the best of my ability.

Many thanks and blessing to you,



Thank you so much for being you. You are a true force in the world.




…I am so glad to have stumbled across you all. I did a search for the most respected herbal manuals and found Susun's books, which led me to her website, which sparked my love of herbs into a long-burning fire of passion, which led me to meditate on life, which led me to decide to pursue a degree (and lifelong study!) of natural medicine! I feel like I have been lost, wandering and hungry and now I'm being accepted back into the fold.

Since discovering the site and putting into practice the suggestions there, my health has increased tenfold, and I get the distinct feeling that my baby will come to full term and be perfectly healthy…

Much love,



Hi there.

I've been a fan for a long time. I'm so glad you're doing what you do…

All best,



Dear Susun,

… You are such an angel. Thank you for sharing all these information with us.





I have been a follower of yours for MANY years , so glad to get your newsletter each month, wish I was able to come there , maybe before I die?

take care & grn.blessings to ya,
Pat in Fla.



Dear Susun,

… Thank you for your presence in Shasta at Wesak this past weekend…I sooo enjoyed your talks! I wish I’d known that you were speaking in Ashland…menopause is another ‘challenge’ right now.

Blessings and Love,



Please put me on your list for your "fun newsletter"


Hi Susun,

I was the oldest woman (70 this summer) at your "Menopause" workshop in Ashland last Thursday, May 15. I'm the one who left early -- largely because I was getting tired and wasn't particularly interested in the specifics of menopause.

Quite frankly, I came to see you - in person. I wanted to be in your presence, feel your energy and see for myself who this Susun Weed really is.

I'm originally from PA and have heard of you most of my adult life.
Twenty-five years ago I used your suggestion of drinking horse tail tea while I was going thru menopause. I went up in the woodsy, wet area above my home and picked tons of it every spring, dried it and drank it all year long.

Now I'm interested in keeping healthy bones. I was sure you'd talk about osteoporosis with menopause so it was worth $40 to join the younger women, learn about infusions and get to see you in person. I'd have loved to stay and talk with you but it was time to move on.

My 4 pounds of herbs arrived yesterday, I'm going to the Co-op this morning to get an oz. scale and I've already had two cups of two different teas this morning. I wanted to taste it before I made big batches.

Thanks for coming to Ashland.
Thanks for the good info about infusions.
Thanks for being on the planet while I'm here.




Thanks for much for the help.

Since I started taking the vitex I have balanced out so much that I have
started telling other women about the web site and how
to make their own. Your web site has been a lifesaver.




Dear Susun,

Thank you so much for your wonderful article on Menopause and Weight Gain. I featured an excerpt from it on my blog today, (I hope that's okay.) and look forward to reading your book soon.




Good Day Susun or Crew,
Been reading you for awhile
Off and on since the late 90’s ….

Blessings to you for the work you do,


Hi Susun,

I subscribe to your newsletter and I love it! I look forward to receiving your e-mails. I also have your books and I read them over and over again!

… Thank you for all you do!!!!

Elsa in San Diego


Love the info given out here! Very applicable...I'm 49, and have gone
through early menopause due to partial hysterectomy 12 1/2 years ago.....I'm
glad that you offer so much good info in healing the Wise Woman Way. I've
been on the Green Witch Path now for about 8 1/2 years.

Thanks, DD (Green Mama D)


I am so happy to have found this site. I believe in natural herbs and overjoyed so many do too…

Thank you so much for such a beautiful website!


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To whom this may concern;

I own two of Ms. Weeds' wonderful books …. Susun's books are what I turn to,first, when something isn't quite right. Or, if I just want to see what herbs I should be taking for what's going on. (My doctor loves her,too!)

Thank you so much for your time.

I'm so grateful to have been receiving your newsletter here in Albuquerque and am now enjoying your gorgeous, welcoming web-site. Thank you!

Abrazos y besos,

Hello Susun:

I came across your classified ad in the March 2008, (vol. 20, No. 3) The
Herbal Companion. …

I appreciate your knowledge and profound interest as an educator in
herbal folklore and the empowerment of a woman.

Best always,

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Susun's Biography

Susun S. Weed has no official diplomas of any kind; she left high school in her junior year to pursue studies in mathematics and artificial intelligence at UCLA and she left college in her junior year to pursue life.

Susun began studying herbal medicine in 1965 when she was living in Manhattan while pregnant with her daughter, Justine Adelaide Swede.

She wrote her first book -- Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year (now in its 29th printing)-- in 1985 and published it as the first title of Ash Tree Publishing in 1986.

It was followed by Healing Wise (1989), New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way (1992 and revised in 2002), and Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way (1996).

In addition to her writing, Ms Weed trains apprentices, oversees the work of more than 300 correspondence course students, coordinates the activities of the Wise Woman Center, and is a High Priestess of Dianic Wicca, a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, and a Peace Elder.

Susun Weed is a contributor to the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women's Studies, peer- reviewed journals, and popular magazines, including a regular column in Sagewoman.

Her worldwide teaching schedule encompasses herbal medicine, ethnobotany, pharmacognosy, psychology of healing, ecoherbalism, nutrition, and women's health issues and her venues include medical schools, hospital wellness centers, breast cancer centers, midwifery schools, naturopathic colleges, and shamanic training centers, as well as many conferences.

Susun appears on many television and radio shows, including National Public Radio and NBC News.


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SUSUN WEED PO Box 64, Woodstock NY 12498


visit www.healing-wise.com for more questions and answers

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