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August 2009

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Dear Susan,

hi remember me, I am a future student someday and wrote a letter to you awhil back in hopes of a scholarship. I follow your wise woman traditions as well as recipes. Got the nettle and red clover infusions in the fridge!! Love to keep track of your traditions and learn as much as I can untill I can afford to become a student.

Green Blessings to you as well!


Huge fan and fellow plant lover :)



Hello Susan,

I attended the last moon lodge and was so moved that I created my own moon lodge in my hometown. The response has been beautiful and I am left speechless. Thanks so much for the inspiration--- I hope to attend again in the future.
With gratitude,




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Hi Susun --

you are looking lovely. It has been a long time -- yet don't let the new name fool you. I took your Live-Out Apprenticeship and you allowed me to do this as an exchange (for a massage to you after each weekend class) with a small donation -- I was called Saniya! Would you remember? Now, I am awakening to a new path and have been anointed "Genesis"...your teaching has made a great difference in my life.

Much Love,



Thanks, youre the best!!



Thank you for the education and love you have brought through your work and how you do it. You are an inspiration and your books have been with me 20 years. You are a beauty of the earth, wise woman. Thank you for shining your light.

Love and Blessings,



I'm a good friend of Kimberly, follow Susun's infusion and tincture regimen daily and would certainly love to be Susun's FB buddy too!



Susun, I'm a Green Allies student from 2005, would love to add you to my friends list. Blessings...




I love your pic! I can feel your light!I love your work! I am a spiritual counselor from Southern California. I am looking to make conscious connections with others who are on the path of love and light so that we may support each others energy and raise the vibration around us! Would you like to be friends?

Love and Blessings,


Hi Susun,

We seem to have friends in common. Wow! I'm a therapist and I refer a LOT of women to your Menopausal Years book. Good job! Thank you for a GREAT resource.



Thank you for adding me susun. Your work has meant a lot to me... in my studies.



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Good morning Susun!

I wanted to thank u for accepting my friend request, I am studying to be an herbalist, & I have one of your books, I am also a green witch too. Thank u for sharing your knoweledge with so many people, I know it must make a difference in their lives, it sure does in mine. Many blessings to you!!!




I love your work, raised my seven kids on herbs :) had them at home with a midwife too



Hey Susun!

Thank you so much for all of your incredible posts. The video on post partum was most helpful to me. I just gave birth to a beautiful 8 lb 13 oz baby boy! He is my pride and joy. Monica Jean is such a treasure!
This facebook thing is really cool!

Love and laughter,
Phoebe from Northern California



Thank you for the great work you do, Susun.



Thank you for your magnificent books!



Hi Susun.

Lovely to see you looking as beautiful as ever. I will always remember walking around my garden in Waikouaiti with you Warmest regards,

Greenwitch (Formerly Wendy P)


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Thank you, Susun......

I have found your writing inspirational and helpful over the years - and just today saw a YouTube piece of you talking about Plantains....opened up a whole new perspective on my yard......for I have many growing there and have long loved them (good friends of dandelions, my FAVORITE flower - truly - I have some growing inside, even!) -- anyway, I've always enjoyed the plantains, but until today didn't know what healing/nutritional richness they offer, as well.

Deep gratitude.
Julianne (from GA)



Do you have a new CD out??? Please send details. I have your books and refer to them often.



Hi Susun,

I have been re-reading your book, Healing Wise, after taking a Seaweed workshop at California School of Herbal Studies. It's great to see you here!



Hi Susun,

Thank you for your books and all the wonderful information over the years. I was very happy to see you on Facebook. I look forward to connecting with you.




I'm a friend of Grandmother Waynonaha's and really enjoy your site and newsletters. Thanks for all you share with the world. Blessings,

Maureen in Florida


So wonderful of you to share your knowledge Susan. Thank you

Namaste' & Brightest Blessings~


Greetings Susun,

I hope all is well with you. You were in my thoughts a lot last week during Green Goddess Week. Hope it was marvolous. Green blessings to you.



Peace Susun:

It's great to see your face. Hoping all is well -- I do miss not be able to see you for such a long time (It's Saniya)...Much Love...I will chat more with you soon. You look fantastic!



Hi Susun,

I am in Australia and 46 with 3 children and a friend has recently handed me one of your books on Menopause which I adored. Thank You for sharing your wise wisdom so we may all benefit. I have been growing my own food for 20 years, not always as much as I would like but have been inspired by many, you being one, Juliette de Bairacli Levy another and so the list may go on. Would love to join your contact list to be informed of any thing which may be happening in Australia

Thank you


I really admire your work and have benefited so much from your wisdom.



I love your work and the kindness you shared with me when i was pregnant with my first daughter in 2004. i still carry it with me to this day and she is almost five. I find no doubt in me that you are the Susun Weed of Woodstock, NY and when my daughters are a bit older we will be doing workshops and other fun things with you and yours...




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Susun - your books on Breast Health and menopause have been life savers for me. Thanks!

Live long and prosper!


Oh how my 2year old grandson enjoyed watching your youtube movies about making infusions with your granddaughter, he watched Monica Jean and I was taking in the info. You know, every woman in my family, mothers grandmothers,sisters all had and some have died from breast cancer in their 30's. I have chosen to live by your wise woman ways for many years now, and so far I am cancer free and at 49, I feel great, thank you so much for passing on the wise woman way, have a blessed day.




Dear Susun,

I loved the Spirit and Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition course!
You give me hope that I can make a positive difference in the lives of others one day, too.



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I want to thank you for all of your great advice & all of your wonderful videos! I love Monica Jean, she is such a cutie!

Green blessings & love,


Hello Ms. Weed!

Thank you so much for your work. Healing Wise has been one of my bibles for the last 12 years. Thank you so much!

Bright Green blessings,


You are amazing :)



I love your menopause book, keep it for reference, and recommend it all the time!



Love your YouTube videos. Thank you for all that you do. The Wise Woman Tradition is truly inspirational and I thank you again for helping me to make it part of my life.



You are my heroine!



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Just listened to your interview with Shannone Leone for the Raw Mom Summit. What extra ordinary information you provided.
I'm going to start with the herbal infusions this weekend.



Thank you for all you are , all you do. You are a light.



Your child-birth book was my closest companion through pregnancy. thank you,



Hi Susun.

I have very fond memories of your workshops in NY when I lived there. You gave me the confidence to keep going with plant communication. I once did an interview of you for the local paper. But most of all, I remember when my landlord mutiliated and killed the environment I lived in, you were the only one I could talk to, the only one who understood what was happening inside me because of it and the mystic connection I had with that land. You saved my sanity. I still thank you for that. Happy, happy life!




Hi, Susun!

I first had the privilege of viewing some of your videos last summer for an herbal medicine course I was taking. I'm so impressed, andwould love to learn more. I'd also love to be on your page.



Thank you Susan... for sharing the vision of abundance and grace that is every moment of our being even when it may be difficult and uncomfortable... Thank you,



Dear Susun,

I am honored to be one of your many friends. I often think and share about the wonderful workshops I attended on your Woodstock land. I learned a lot. I appreciated the experiences and people. I have a couple of your books, which I frequently reference. Thanks to you my cupboard has a variety of herbs for my infusions: mostly nettle, dandelion, chickweed. Hope all is well. Blessings,




Susun ,

I am honored to be your friend.Thank you for accepting.I enjoy reading your books.Your words of wisdom are beautiful and have helped me.

May God continue to bless you dear friend.




I received your message and you are most welcome for your gift. Please pardon me for not including my address within the package.

Healing Blessings,


Peace, I've read mostly all of your books and I'm truly an advocate. I've had three successful births, two being natural and one at home. All I'd like to say is, thank you. Peace.




Hi Susan,

Such a pleasure to be in connect with you! I read your posts which are all educational and so very beneficial to our Health. Thank you for sharing.

with Love



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I really enjoyed your book and it's helped me make some decissions about my breast cancer and the future of my own health. Looking forward to the next book. You're a beautiful person.



Hi Susun,

I love the postings you put up here. I learn or re-remember something with each one.

Love and sweetness to you and yours,


HI Susun!!

Hope you're fine by His grace!!
let me tell you I enjoyed the Doses CDs...quite inspiring
may you always be happy,




Susun --

You probably don't remember, but I took two seminars with you, one at Omega and one at the Rowe Center. I consider you one of my teachers -- a particularly important teacher, both for the content of your teachings and for your personal example of how to live a life dedicated to the plants.

I am looking forward to the next chance we have to meet again.
Warmest regards.
-- Steve



Hello there,

I enjoy the two books I ordered from you a few years ago...great info, and still enjoy your newsletter.
I once lived near Woodstock, great place. A son was born to me there and he's now a music producer, writer etc. Must have been the Festival vibes !

Love and Blessings from Australia.


Hi Susun,

I am Marge, your old correspondence student...Just wanted to say hello and wish you well. I owe you a big ole letter and have lots to tell..Many changes and much growth have occured in life...I hope you are having a great summer..

Green Blessings and Take Care,



Hello Susun,

I just had a marvelous dream! I came to your lodge (Which I truly hope to do someday) and I told you that my husband just had a melanoma removed, and asked you for advice to prevent occurrences. In the dream, you led me through the treatment of a previous woman who had a similar situation. You referred me to Burdock, which is a green ally that has been calling me. (Even though I have much to learn about the herb!) In another part of the dream, I started to see the crone, and was able to relate to her, albeit with reluctance. At 28, the crone makes me deal with my mortality, but allows me to benefit from the wisdom of experience. Weather or not your astral self was actually present in my dream, I want to thank you for the inspiration, for in a way, you WERE there, guiding me and teaching me.

I have so much gratitude for you as a person, and also for the work that you have done. You share your knowledge and enthusiasm freely and graciously. You opened my eyes years ago with the simple remedy of using plaintain for mosquito bites when I didn't have money to go to the store and buy Calamine lotion. :) In the past 6 years or so, I have learned to nourish my body through ovarian cancer, miscarriages, and an ectopic pregnancy by using herbs and techniques that I have learned from you and your forums. Now, as my husband is recovering from having a skin cancer removed this morning, I feel confident that I can aid his recovery, reduce his pain, and nourish him to prevent another melanoma.

Thank you, Susun!
In Love and Light,



love your books; love your message. Keep on keepin' on! :)




I love your work and am so excited to find you here on FB...would you like to connect?




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I first learned about your books while studying with Cascade Anderson Geller in Portland about 1992 - I remember menopausal dessert! as well as such wonderful herbal information. I've had the thought that one day I'd have time to do nothing else but write and make oils and other things from herbs, flowers etc. that I grow. We shall see what happens . . .
wishing you great health and joy,



Hi there-

I saw you on Pure Calma and would love to get to know you.



Hello -

Your childbearing book saved my first pregnancy, 12 yrs ago, when the hospital gave me potent pharma to stop preterm labor - a few days later i substituted your recipe's herbs and felt 100% better, and carried a fullterm healthy baby. Since then, I've given that book to every pregnant girlfriend. Now I'm using Wise Woman Herbal.
Thank you so much for your gifts!




Love and blessings to you. Thanks for accepting my request. I'm feeling so good now at 36 weeks pregnant thanks to your books and your wonderful You Tube videos!



Hi Susun,

It's been about 25 years since I took a couple of workshops with you, one in New Paltz @ "Friends of the Mountain" & the other at your place in Saugerties.
You impressed me with herbal/Earth knowledge and healing that seems to surface from my memory/being at the most unexpected times....Knowledge I've been able to share with others. That's the gift of a good teacher....Thank You



Hi Susun,

I have long admired your writings and teachings. I am hoping to connect with you here. thanks,




Mirror mirror in the herbs who's the wisest of them all....
thats U Susun

Green Blessings!


Hi Susun,

I've read some of your books and have been a fan of yours for many years. I'm a master herbalist student at Center for healing arts herb & eco school in Wisconsin and would love to add you as my friend here on Facebook.




Hello Susan!

I'm now in midwifery school with Whapio Bartlette (The Matrona) and we refer to your books and knowledge often - thanks for being you!



i love your writing, and your spirit, susan. thanks so much!



look beautiful and the same as I remember you. How and where are you?



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I am a tremendous fan and have shared your books with countless clients. Thanks for your artistry and wisdom and for supporting Iowa midwives.



I did a workshop with u at glastonbury gooddess conference, came home and am trying 2 listen to the messages of nature love,

chris x.



I don't know you personally but saw you on my friend Katrina Kirkwood's friend list. I read your book about the childbearing year, over and over and over for the past 17 years while waiting for seven babies to be born! :)

Good stuff!



I'm a student of Kathleen Maier at Sacred Plant Traditions and want to acknowledge the Wise Woman legacy and lineage.



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Susun's Biography

Susun S. Weed has no official diplomas of any kind; she left high school in her junior year to pursue studies in mathematics and artificial intelligence at UCLA and she left college in her junior year to pursue life.

Susun began studying herbal medicine in 1965 when she was living in Manhattan while pregnant with her daughter, Justine Adelaide Swede.

She wrote her first book -- Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year (now in its 29th printing)-- in 1985 and published it as the first title of Ash Tree Publishing in 1986.

It was followed by Healing Wise (1989), New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way (1992 and revised in 2002), and Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way (1996).

In addition to her writing, Ms Weed trains apprentices, oversees the work of more than 300 correspondence course students, coordinates the activities of the Wise Woman Center, and is a High Priestess of Dianic Wicca, a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, and a Peace Elder.

Susun Weed is a contributor to the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women's Studies, peer- reviewed journals, and popular magazines, including a regular column in Sagewoman.

Her worldwide teaching schedule encompasses herbal medicine, ethnobotany, pharmacognosy, psychology of healing, ecoherbalism, nutrition, and women's health issues and her venues include medical schools, hospital wellness centers, breast cancer centers, midwifery schools, naturopathic colleges, and shamanic training centers, as well as many conferences.

Susun appears on many television and radio shows, including National Public Radio and NBC News.


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SUSUN WEED PO Box 64, Woodstock NY 12498


visit www.healing-wise.com for more questions and answers

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