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Your Soul’s Journey

from the teachings
of Sri Param Eswaran


Your Soul’s Journey

Each soul is like a ray of the sun. Its work is to project itself, to go forth as far as it can. It is creative and responsive. It creates its means, its expression, and it is impressed by whatever comes before it, in proportion to its interest in that. The soul goes always to what appears to it as beautiful and radiant, and so it goes on and on, and finds different qualities and different experiences and collects them round it, until at last it returns to its mother's womb.

A child may or may not inherit the qualities and defects of its parents. If the impressions previously received by the soul are stronger, it does not inherit them. Very wicked parents may have very saintly child, and very good parents may have a very bad child.

The mental attributes of the parents are inherited by impression on the mental plane. The child as a quality inherits the thoughts, the feeling of the parents. Parents in being overly enthusiastic in molding a child to what is considered proper, will end up suppressing the expression of the child, thus preventing the child from taping into it soul's need, may end up having to work very hard to reestablish it rightful place toward its journey home. All humans have the choice to live a life of trappings or to regain his or her rightful place in this beautiful universe of ours. The first step is detachment

Every soul posses the best qualities as a special inheritance, though it may be covered by all the impressions it has gathered along the way. This being so, all souls has the possibilities of spiritual progress. Through the Sounds of the Divine Goddesses, we can help you to remove the unwanted impressions, thus allowing your soul to experience its best qualities it came to earth with.

The power of love accomplishes all things in life.

Long continued love will attract the blessing of the God/Goddess, for the energy of love will invoke Mother Kundalini who is dormant in the base chakra. To enjoy continued love one has to first connect with the soul, and let it govern life rather then the head. In the modern world, due to the challenges of life humans have forgotten the purpose of their birth. To find the true nature and purpose for life one must find love for the self, for real love is only possible when the soul govern the heart. The love that springs forth from self-denial and blooms in deeds of beneficence is love from the soul.

Our virtues are made of love, and our sins, caused by lack of if. Love turns sin into virtue, and its lack makes virtues meaningless. A lover need not concentrate his or her mind; love itself is concentration, which gives mastery over all things in the world. The lover obtains the object of his or her love by the power of concentration.

Love is inherent in every soul. Love is the only thing that every soul brings to earth with it, yet after coming to earth humans partakes of all the qualities of lovelessness. If it was not so, we would have been as bitter, as jealous, as angry, as full of hatred when we were born as we are now. The infant has no hatred. A little child that we have scolded will in a few minutes time come and embrace us.

To love, to adore, to worship someone with whom we are connected neither by birth, race, creed, nor in any worldly connection, comes from the soul. Sometimes people fall in love at first sight. Sometimes one see a person and feels, I might have know him or her all my life; sometimes on speaks with another person and finds intimacy of understanding as if the souls understand each other; all this is accounted for by the idea of soul-mate.

A heart lightened by love is more precious that all the gems and jewels of the world.

There are many kinds of heart as there are different substances in the world. There are heart of metal which take a long time and much fire of love to heat, and when once heated will melt and may be molded as you wish for the moment, but soon afterward turn cold. There are hearts of wax which melt instantly at the sight of the fire, and if there is a wick of ideal, they will keep their flame until they become non-existent. There are hearts of paper which are set alight by a slight touch of the fire and turn into ashes in one moment.

Love is like the fire; it glows in devotion, its flame in wisdom, it smoke is attachment, and the ashes detachment. Flame rises from glow, so it is wisdom, which with devotion. When love's fire produce its flame it illuminates the devotee's path in life like a touch, and all darkness vanish, allowing the soul to immerge.

Successful travelers on the path of love are those whose love is so beautiful that it provides all the beauty that their ideal lacks. In time the lover rises above the changeable and limited beauty of the beloved. The lover will then begin to see into the beloved's inner being; in other words the exterior of the beloved was only a means of drawing the love out of the heart of the lover, but the love led the lover from the external to the innermost being of the ideal of the lover's love. When in the ideal the lover has realized the unlimited and perfect Being, whether it is love for human or God/Goddess, the lover is in fact in either case a blissful lover.

In Tantra we see woman as the dynamic force and man as consciousness. In ancient time man worshiped woman to activate her dynamic energy, and when her dynamic self is invoked, her compassionate side becomes filled with love for her God (man). For the soul to return home both woman and man have to first be united as one, unlike in to-days world of individuality, sustainable love is no existent, thus lacking the joy for life. Life with lack of love introduces stress and aloneness into one's life. During the training we help free your soul of all past impressions, thus feeing the soul to use the heart to experience true love. Past impressions that limits the soul also infect the cells, thus promoting all form of emotional illness.

This program is ideal for couple who want to love, to adore and to worship their partner. Single who want to prepare themselves to meet their soul-mate.

The first three months of the Tantra Teacher Training we focus on helping you discover the purpose of live by activating your inner power of love, in short discovering your true nature, your special inheritance.

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Sending you our love and grace


Sri Devanayagi

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